Is the Eiffel Tower Worth the Climb?

Is the Eiffel Tower Worth the Climb - Paris Travel - @lacegraceblog1

“Is the Eiffel Tower worth the climb? ” is something I was asked over and over again when returning from our trip to Paris. The quick answer from me is- it depends.

As everyone knows, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic sights in Paris. It was built in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel to celebrate the 100th year since the French Revolution.  The tower is 84 meters tall, took over 2 years to built and had engineering that was advanced for that time in history. 

The building of the tower was originally hated by many Parisans, thinking it took away from the beauty of their city with a big metal structure in the middle of the city. The tower was set to be torn down after 20 years when it was turned over to the Paris Government from Gustave’s possession. The tower was saved when it was given a new purpose with the experimentation of radio signals and antennas were placed at the top. 

Today the Eiffel Tower sees over 7 million people a year many of which choose to visit the. very tippy top!

My Mother and I were two of those tourists. Are we glad we did it? Yes. Would we do it again? No. In hindsight was it worth it? Probably not.

This is mainly because of the reservation and waiting times. To head to the top of the Eiffel Tower you will need to purchase an advanced ticket-here. There are a few options, but if you want an elevator to the tippy top it will set you back 25 euros (option we went with).  

You will need to plan ahead (do not wait until a week before your trip to book as tickets sell out quickly) and order your tickets in advance. Not only will you need to pick a certain day, you will need to pick an exact time. If you are more than 30 minutes late, you will not be able to enter. 

Please note you will need to go through the security line and find the correct (leg) of the tower to wait in line at, all before your ticket time.  My Mother and I visited during the off season on a week day and did not have to wait too long in lines but I have heard horror stories about how long the lines can be.

At the ground level you will find souvenir shops, snack vendors and access to a few restaurants along with the security and ticket counters.

On our visit the weather was cloudy (bummer and another risk of having to purchase advanced tickets) but up we went anyways.

You will first go up and land at the second floor. You can wander around and explore the souvenir shops and of course take in the views. Although closed during our visit, you can do a sit down meal at one of the restaurants. 

At the top you can step foot outside and enjoy even more spectacular views. You can poke your head into Gustave’s old time office and grab a glass of bubbly at the Champagne bar. 

Even with the clouds my Mom and I enjoyed the views. It is amazing how large (and populated) Paris is! 

You can also climb the tower at nighttime. How romantic to have dinner in the tower then head to the top to see the twinkling lights of the city! 

In case you forgot from my previous post (here), the Eiffel Tower lights up for a light show at night throughout the year from sunset to 1am. The show begins within the first, five minutes of the hour and lasts ten minutes. 

My Mom and I did this one night and it was magical, I highly recommend!

Okay, now back to the original question. Is it worth it? I think it depends on how much time you have in Paris, if you are okay with set plans and if you are prepared for it to be rainy and/or cloudy. If you are fine with these things, I say do it! Like I said before, We are still glad we visited the top to check things off of the bucket list but will not be doing it again. 

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Is the Eiffel Tower Worth the Climb - Paris Travel - @lacegraceblog1 Is the Eiffel Tower Worth the Climb - Paris Travel - @lacegraceblog1 Is the Eiffel Tower Worth the Climb - Paris Travel - @lacegraceblog1 Is the Eiffel Tower Worth the Climb - Paris Travel - @lacegraceblog1 Is the Eiffel Tower Worth the Climb - Paris Travel - @lacegraceblog1 Is the Eiffel Tower Worth the Climb - Paris Travel - @lacegraceblog1 Is the Eiffel Tower Worth the Climb - Paris Travel - @lacegraceblog1 Is the Eiffel Tower Worth the Climb - Paris Travel - @lacegraceblog1 Is the Eiffel Tower Worth the Climb - Paris Travel - @lacegraceblog1 Is the Eiffel Tower Worth the Climb - Paris Travel - @lacegraceblog1Paris and the Eiffel Tower at Night

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