The 411 on Teeth Whitening with Smile Brillant

411 on teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant - @lacegraceblog

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For most of my life I have had a pretty white smile, but have always had a few natural white spots on my teeth. As I have aged, my teeth have lost their pearly white luster and the contrast from my white spots have made my teeth look-blah. My coffee addiction probably hasn’t helped either… (and maybe my love for red wine too!)

Shortly before my wedding; my dentist recommended whitening my teeth to help lessen the appearance of my white spots. The dentist office of course offered an expensive customized whitening system which my insurance did not cover. I passed and opted for generic, over the counter whitening strips which were more budget friendly.

The month leading up to my wedding I used the white strips (almost) every night. Although I saw a bit of a difference, I wanted more. I also found the strips annoying to wear and the gel taste disgusting.

Fast forward to late spring, I discovered Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System. There are various options for the customized system which are based on attributes such as teeth sensitivity and stain level (light, average, etc). 

411 on teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant - @lacegraceblogHow does it work?

Smile Brilliant will mail you a kit with everything you need to make your teeth tray impressions. (It is easy believe me- they even give you extras if you are worried you will mess up) Simply mail your impressions back to Smile Brilliant (packaging and shipping included) and before you know it your custom trays, whitening gel and desensitizing gel (if you get that option) will arrive at your doorstep.

411 on teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant - @lacegraceblogHow long is each session?

Whitening sessions can vary from 45 mins – 3 hours. I started off with 45 mins and worked my way up to 2 hours. I always whitened at night either while catching up on my latest Netflix obsessions or working on the blog. After each session, I would apply the desensitizing gel which helps diminish overall tooth sensitivity and helps replenish minerals in the teeth, and helps to prevent new stains from forming.

411 on teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant - @lacegraceblogHow many sessions until I see results?

I was a tad skeptical at first, but could see some slight results after my very first treatment. I started off with a treatment every 3 days. It only took 5 treatments until I saw my desired results. To maintain my new pearly white smile, I whiten for 2 hours every 2ish weeks.

Is worth it?

Yes! I think Smile Brilliant is a great, safe and budget friendly option for those looking to whiten their teeth. The best part is, you can keep buying the teeth whitening gel and reuse your trays again and again!

For reference here is a before photo- I love my smile but had a few yellow spots and natural white/bleach spots. 

..and here are some more after photos! -My teeth look whiter, brighter and more even in color. 

411 on teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant - @lacegraceblog411 on teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant - @lacegraceblog411 on teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant - @lacegraceblog

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Good Luck!

***This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. As always all opinions and ideas are my own.
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