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If you have been following me on Instastories or Snapchat, you have probably seen me yap about our unfinished basement.  When picking out options with our builder, he agreed that finishing the basement ourselves would be doable, a lot cheaper and allow for us to better customize it to our style.  Our house is not super large, so adding that finished space to our square footage for entertaining and lounging would be a huge positive for us.  It is something I have been wanting to start ever since we moved in 2 1/2 years ago.

The main hold up (other than having the dough) was clearing out the space.  I would not call myself a HUGE pack rat (although I am sure my husband would disagree) but I do own a TON of stuff.  Most of it holiday decor and items passed down to me from family that are keepsakes or I just haven’t found a place for yet. 

The entire 34′ X 15′ space (the area we are finishing) was filled with stuff.  To go through everything, re-organize, purge, and somehow stack in the utility/storage room (16′ X14′) seemed unattainable.

Finally after bingeing on Pinterest and seeing TONs of cool basement ideas,  a lightbulb went off and I decided to get started.

I went through every box, consolidated, donated or moved to its rightful place upstairs each item. Everything left I organized into piles according to categories (Fall decor, xmas decor, beach stuff, etc) and swept the floor. The amount of dust, dirt and debris was shocking.

Next it was time to remove everything from the utility portion of the basement (which also houses our laundry and some other storage things) and sweep to make room for everything.

By some miracle I was able to fit everything in the smaller storage area and we are ready to get started!

Next step is to apply for the permits and to get a design together

Here are a few photos from Pinterest that have me inspired for basement design. We are toggling between an industrial feel and a speakeasy/Irish pub feel.  A lot of our unused furniture and rugs go with the speakeasy theme but I love industrial. Ah so hard to decide! There has to be a way to incorporate a little bit of both! What do you think?



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