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The Perfect Paris To Do List - Travel - @lacegraceblog1

By the time you are reading this, I should be in full fledged Parisian mode.  You can see what I packed- here, but I wanted to tell you guys a little bit more. Sharing The Perfect Paris To Do List below!

The Perfect Paris To Do List

The Louvre with Walks of France

I had an amazing experience with Walks of Italy last fall while visiting Rome. We went on the Pristine Sistine Tour of the Vatican and our tour guide was able to break everything down, especially the art/artifacts in the museum, so it was interesting and understandable.  I was so excited to hear Walks of Italy was launching tours in Paris and am so pumped to go on their first ever Walks of France- Closing Time at the Louvre Tour!  Mona Lisa, I am coming for you!

The Perfect Paris To Do List - Travel - @lacegraceblog1

Île de la Cité  -Notre Dame + Sainte Chapelle

The day we visit the Île de la Cité (a small island located on the Siene River)  will be jammed packed.  Notre Dame has been on my bucket list forever and I cannot wait to climb the towers to see the gargoyles up close.  Through my Paris research, I discovered the Sainte Chapelle Church which is said to be one of the most beautiful churches in the world due to its all over stained glass windows. On this day we also plan on visiting the Conciergerie which used to be used as a prison.  We will end the day wandering over to the Pantheon (nearby the Île de la Cité) and wandering around the Latin Quarter.

The Perfect Paris To Do List - Travel - @lacegraceblog1

Montmartre Secret Food Tours Paris

I love me a food tour! Rewinding back to when we were visiting Rome, we took a food tour around the neighborhood of Trastevere and had such an amazing time. (recap here) A food tour is a fun, easy way to see a city and experience the culture.    On the Montmartre Secret Food Tour, we not only get to taste delicious crepes, macaroons, cheese, etc; we also get some history and info about the beautiful neighborhood of Montmartre.

The Perfect Paris To Do List - Travel - @lacegraceblog1

The Eiffel Tower 

On cannot go to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower. We plan on seeing here in all her glory from various angles and hilltops but also plan to do the ultimate cheesy touristy thing and climb to the top!

The Perfect Paris To Do List - Travel - @lacegraceblog1

French Chateau Hopping 

Our Paris Museum Pass includes entrance to a number of Chateaus located on the outskirts of Paris.  There were a ton to choose from but I think we are going to go with Chateau de Fontainebleau and Chateau de Chantilly. It is going to be tricking getting to these places (need to take trains + buses) but I think it will be well worth it!

The Perfect Paris To Do List - Travel - @lacegraceblog1

Climbing the Arc de Triomphe + Champs-Élysées

I have heard from many sources that climbing the Arc de Triomphe gives you the most amazing views of the city + the Eiffel tour. We plan on strolling along the Champs-Élysées for some window shopping as well.

The Perfect Paris To Do List - Travel - @lacegraceblog1

People Watching at Parisian Cafes

In Paris there is an endless number of adorable cafes.  Even though we have a busy trip, I want to make sure we have plenty of time to sit down, relax, people watch and enjoy a latte.

The Perfect Paris To Do List - Travel - @lacegraceblog1Exploring each Arrondissement 

Paris is made up of 20 Arrondissements- or neighborhoods; each with their own vibes and must sees.  Many of the sites we have on our itinerary are in the most popular arrondissements; however I want to make sure we have time to stroll around and enjoy. The ones I am most excited about are the Marais, Montmartre, Latin Quarter and Saint Germain.

The Perfect Paris To Do List - Travel - @lacegraceblog1

A Tour of Champagne, France with A Tasty Side to Life Tours

Touring Champagne was something I did not think would be in the cards for us, being kinda winter/barely spring and all.  My cousin told me how she visited Champagne during January once and how amazing it was; even without the bright green landscapes.  Last minute I decided to look for a tour company to take us there. Luckily A Tasty Side of Life Tours came to the rescue and put together the ultimate day in Champagne for us! We will visit a large and small establishment, have a wonderful lunch, explore the countryside and even visit a Chocolatier.  

The Perfect Paris To Do List - Travel - @lacegraceblog1

Paris Catacombs

Although super creepy, visiting the Paris Catacombs is a must.  Here you will find tunnels and tunnels of bones. Over six million people’s bones! That is insane!

The Perfect Paris To Do List - Travel - @lacegraceblog1

The Palace of Versailles

THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING. I was obsessed with the story of Marie Antoinette growing up. When I would play princess I would always imagine a HUGE and luxurious palace much like that of Versailles.   In addition to the palace, we plan on visiting the Gardens, Queen’s Hamlet and exploring the actual town of Versailles.  

The Perfect Paris To Do List - Travel - @lacegraceblog1


What am I missing? Where are you favorite places in Paris? Please let me know! Want to see what I packed for Paris? Check out my packing post from last week- here.

The Perfect Paris To Do List - Travel - @lacegraceblog1



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