The Village of Murano

As I have mentioned before, when visiting Venice, a day trip to the surrounding islands is a must.  During our stay we visited the island of Burano (recap here) which but before we spent the morning exploring Murano. Although Burano was my favorite out of the two, there is way more to do in Murano.  Murano is known for its artisan glassmaking and their craft is found in many capacities around the island.  Acutally Murano is a group of seven small islands! Here is a mini guide on how to spend your time in Murano!

How to get there:

I recommend getting the Venice Pass and adding on the transport option (FYI if you are 29 of younger you can get the Venice Rolling Pass added onto your Venice pass that includes ‘basically’ free public transport!)  I will dive in more to the Venice pass and what it includes in my Venice City Guide Post!  Anywho-take the ACTV Vaporetto Line 12 from the Fondamente Nove stop to Murano.  We took the 4.1 lines from the S. Zaccaria stop near St. Marco Square since we were staying right there- but it will take longer. I recommend looking at the time the night before to ensure you are not waiting around forever as depending on the pick up location, times vary.   Keep your personal belongings close to you (beware of pick pocketers!) and make sure to take in the views of Venice and the islands from the boat! FYI the only stop that will take you to Burano from Murano is the Faro stop!

What to do:

  • Explore! Walk around the main canals, cross the many bridges, get lost on side streets and find your way to the edge of the island to take in the ocean views!
  • Visit the Glass Museum: The Museo del Vetro is totally work the visit. If you have the Museum option on your Venice Pass this entry will be free and is so worth it. Some parts of the museum you may find boring but most are breathtaking. I was blow away by the flower section. I could not believe they were glass! 
  • Watch a glass blowing demo:  You can find these in around various shops. We went during the semi- low season and had some trouble finding one.  When we gave up hope and were headed to the Faro Vaperetto stop to head to the Island of Burano- we saw warehouse doors open and a crowded gathered around the opening. Here we found two men blowing glass!  Many of the glass factories have demos during various times during the day. 
  • Campo Santo Stefano: Here you can get an up close and personal view of the famous blue glass abstract sculpture which is located right in front of the clock tower. 
  • Basilica of Saint Mary and Saint Donatus located right next to the main bell tower. We did not get a chance to venture in but it looked beautiful even from the outside!
  • Chiesa di San Pietro Martire: Another beautiful church worth the visit. This church was built in 1506  for the Ballarin Family.

Where to eat: 

We visited Murano in the morning and headed to Burano fairly early in the afternoon. Many places were closed since lunch is not served until later in the day- but we did find a cute little place right off the main strip called Sottovento. Here they have meat and cheese platters along with various cichetti’s- which are small appetizers that can be eaten standing up/on the go.  They are famous in Venice (we loved cichetti hopping! More on that in my Venice City Guide!) and perfect if you just are looking for something to hold you over until dinner! Get a bottle of wine while you are at it

What to buy: Glass! Duh. You will find tons of shops with everything from high-end glass chandeliers to small cheap figurines.  My favorite shops were the smaller mom and pop shops that sold limited edition, unique pieces (but not at crazy high-end prices) I bought a small beautiful blue clear and blue vase with detailed top. I love it!

And if you are looking for more pictures and info on our trip around Italy I have posted a ton and still have so much to share with you guys!  Check out some of our time in Venice – here (more coming soon), visit to the island of Burano – here , Tuscany’s Vignamaggio Winery- here, Tuscany’s Montefollonico, Tuscany’s Montalcino, Rosewood’s Castiglion del Bosco, Tour of the Vatican with Walks of Italy – here, Food Tour in Trastevere Rome With Eating Europe- here, the best way to see the Colosseum in Rome – here,  Roaming the hidden gem of Aqueduct Park in Rome – here, a quick trip to the island of Capri- here. Also check out our long layover in Istanbul Turkey – here!

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