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This weekend marks the grand opening of Downtown Frederick’s newest Distillery- McClintock Distilling and the hubs and I were able to take a sneak peek last weekend with a tour and tasting. I have written about other distilleries here, here and here, so I will not bore you with the actual distilling process but show you how awesome this place is!

McClintock is owned by friends Tyler and Braeden who started as home brewers and were able to turn their hobby into a reality.  These guys really thought out everything little piece of this business. McClintock is located right on Carroll Creek in Downtown Frederick (prime location) in an old warehouse that they put blood, sweat and tears into restoring.  This place is seriously beautiful with its exposed brick, large windows and massive reclaimed wood bar!  Many others think so too because the space is currently being rented out for weddings and other events.  Whenever the Maryland laws change I can totally see McClintock being the place for cocktails!


You can read more of the backstory here– but the name McClintock is after the Frederick inventor- McClintock Young who lived in Frederick in the 1800’s.  His cabin was ‘abandoned’ for generations and recently was passed down to one of the owners of the distillery. McClintock Distilling has the mission to walk in similar footsteps as its namesake by constantly evolving and innovating their product. How cool is that!?

Now onto the tour-We were able to take a tour of the production area and I was immediately drawn to the amazing 264 gallon copper still & helmet. This thing is truly amazing and so unique- the duo saw it at a distilling conference and knew it was perfect for their distillery! The production room also boasts a copper vodka column and a condenser among various other pieces of equipment.  Why copper you ask? It is not just for looks- copper attracts sulfate! The sulfates stick to the inside of the still and is therefore removed from the whiskey.  I guess the moonshiners knew what they were doing with copper stills!

Now onto the alcohol- McClintock currently is selling 3 spirits- a vodka, whiskey and my favorite the forged gin! Yes a gin! I normally avoid gin like the plague but this stuff is really something else.  The gin has items foraged by Tyler and Braeden from the nearby forests. Oh the cocktail possibilities! 

Remember when I said that the boys thought out everything to a T? Well you should see the bottles and you will know exactly what I am talking about. The bottles have prohibition era type shapes designed by a local area artist and the most beautiful labels I have ever seen on a liquor bottle that goes right along with the speakeasy theme. I am in love- I would frame that gin label and hang it on my wall!

Finally my favorite thing about the distillery has to be their mascot- Ryder! The friendliest dog ever!

It is so awesome to see 2 friends make their dreams come true. Welcome to the Frederick Community McClintock! Make sure you stop by this weekend for their Grand opening event for tours, music and tastings from 12-8pm! See more about the event here. Make sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook!

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy some shots from around McClintock Distilling!

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