The Best of Capri Itinerary

The best of capri itinerary- What to do, see and eat

Are you getting sick of me sharing all about our Italy vacation yet?  No? Good! 🙂  I have been posting all about our Italy trip- not in any particular order  Venice Canals, Island of Burano, Vignamaggio Winery in Tuscany, Trastevere Food Tour, Vatican Tour, How to see the Colosseum in Rome. Today I am sharing all about our (less than a) day trip to Capri which was the highlight of our time in the Amalfi Coast.  Our home base was Sorrento (well actually overlooking Sorrento) in the town of Priora- which was secluded, beautiful and peaceful.  Staying in Sorrento made it easy to travel all around the Amalfi Coast and to the Island of Capri. 

We started off our Amalfi Coast trip with a day trip to Positano and after a pretty intense rain storm, we were excited for a sunny clear day trip to Capri. Of course we wish we could have stayed a night or two on the Island (so if you can do it!) but we managed to fit in a ton of fun and left feeling pretty satisfied we saw most of what Capri had to offer.  

Below you can find some awesome shots of our Capri trip along with a sample Itinerary of What to see, eat and do while in Capri- along with exactly HOW to do it!

20161022-dsc_0415 20161022-dsc_0463 20161022-dsc_0475

How to get there:

Getting to Capri from Sorrento is super easy.  Although the trip is short- you will want to get to Capri as early as possible to make full use of the day.  There are high speed ferries leaving every half an hour or so (more frequently in the high season) from Marina Piccola in downtown Sorrento. If you are staying in the town of Sorrento walk to the port or take a taxi. We were about 20 mins from the port so we had to drive and park in one of the small parking decks nearby. (a little pricey but doable) A lot of these parking decks are small and valet style, so make sure you take pictures of your car before hand in case any damage takes place.

Once at Marina Piccola, there is a ticket booth at the dock where you can buy your departure and return tickets. You can either wait to buy your return ticket when you are in Capri OR if you do not know when you want to return (the exact hour) ask for the flex ticket which allows you to come back anytime up to a certain time of day.

Cost per way will be anywhere from 14-19 Euros and the time from Sorrento to Capri is only 20-30 mins. Such a quick ride!

You can check ferry times from Sorrento and other locations at the official Ferry website and buy your tickets online.

Pro Tip- Be aware some of these parking decks at Marina Piccola have time constraints and may close up shop around 5 or 6PM! try to find one that closes 8pm or later- many have per day charging around 18-25 euros.20161022-dsc_0496 20161022-dsc_050420161022-dsc_0089

8:30 AM: Arrive in Capri. Take the Funicular Cable Car up to Capri town

The ferry will arrive at the main Mariana in Capri- Marina Grande. Try to get off your ferry as quickly as possible to avoid waiting in long lines at the funicular cable car ticket booth. To the right of the docks (when facing Capri) you will see a ticket booth on your right where you can buy various tickets (bus ticket to Anacapri, etc) Ask for a funicular cable car ticket. Cost is 1-2 euros each way. If you find yourself waiting in a long line. Wait for it to die down by checking out the cute little beach right behind and to the left of the ticket booth.  Dip your toes in the sea and relax. This is one (if not the only) free beach in Capri.

Pro tip: if you are looking for some beach time.. or if the lines for the ticket booth are super long. Walk along the beach to the left of the ticket booth for about 2 minutes. You will see the beach curve and creates the cutest little lagoon area (pictured above). This is a great place to relax in the morning as the sun goes to the other side of Capri after midday and the beach is cased in shadows. 

Turn around from the ticket booth and look slightly to your left- you will see a tunnel like opening- that is the entrance for the cable car. Walk through, scan your ticket and wait for the cable car. The cable cars leave every 5 mins or so and only take a few mins to get up to Capri town.  20161022-dsc_0512 20161022-dsc_05139:00 AM – 10:00 AM-Explore the Gardens of Augustus

Once you get off the cable car- avoid going into the shops- head straight back (about 5 min walk) to the Gardens of Augustus.  You will think it is free to enter but once you walk in a bit you will see a small ‘hut’ with a guy taking money. Cost is 3 Euros to see the Gardens of Augustus and the Charterhouse of San Giacomo. 1 Euro for just the gardens which the worker neglected to tell us when we visited. 🙂 (we did not see the Charterhouse.)

Walk around and enjoy the peaceful vibes and the impeccable well kept gardens. Make your way back and you will find steps and an observation area overlooking the ocean, Faraglioni Rocks (3 spurs of rock sticking up out of the water and is a symbol of the island) and the famous Via Krupp. (switch back road – which is closed to cars- leading down to the sea). When we visited the Via Krupp was closed due to the danger of falling rocks. If this is open when you visit- take a stroll down it for some great views of the sea. This path leads to the other, smaller Marina- Marina Piccola with places to swim and eat!

Walk around the look out points and gardens- take tons of pictures and selfies!

Pro Tip: As you leave the gardens there is a stone walkway with ivy and flowers over top- walk down to see more views! (it is a hotel but they did not shew us away!)20161022-dsc_0579 20161022-dsc_0593 20161022-dsc_0594 20161022-dsc_0614 20161022-dsc_0619 20161022-dsc_0629 20161022-dsc_0630 20161022-dsc_0647 20161022-dsc_0650 20161022-dsc_0659

10:00-11:00 AM – Grab a Granita &  Do some shopping in Capri Town

Right outside the exit of the Augustus Gardens you will find a little granita stand (frozen tart lemon ice). Buy a Granita and wander around some of the upscale shops in Capri town.  We did not do much shopping but things to buy in Capri include- Leather Sandals (check out Emanuel Caruso) and Perfume- check out Carthusia Perfume!20161022-dsc_0667 20161022-dsc_069420161022-dsc_066520161022-dsc_0517 20161022-dsc_0532 20161022-dsc_0541 20161022-dsc_0547 20161022-dsc_054911:00-1:00PM- Take a boat tour around Capri Island + Blue Grotto

During high tide- the Blue Grotto is closed for safety reasons. This happened during our visit because of the storm the previous day. We originally had planned to do the boat tour first but wanted to wait it out a bit to see if the tide would go down and the blue grotto reopen. Although the water levels went down- the blue grotto was still closed. 🙁  You will see why below!

Right near the dock you will see a ticket booth where the main boat tour company sells tickets- about 15 euros per person which leaves every hour on the hour and takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours (2 hours if the Blue Grotto is open). This include a 30 minute stop at the blue grotto (if open) but NOT the entrance fee to the blue grotto. The blue grotto is small and technically a museum site. Your tour boat will drop you off and wait for you to pay your 13 euro ticket fee and get on a small row boat for a 5 minute ride through the blue grotto. 

The boats fit about 20 people.

You will be able to see: 

I did not think I would be super into the boat tour, but it was my favorite part of Capri! It was nice to get away from the crowds, smell the fresh air and see all the parts of the island.  I was so sad that the blue grotto was closed- but our driver surprised us by taking us to a cove area/tunnel opening that actually had the SAME glowing blue reflective light. We learned there are a bunch of areas similar to the Blue Grotto. 

Pro Tip: Want a more relaxed, private and unique experience? I recommend booking a boat tour with Gianni’s Boats. Here you will be able to visit all the hot spots, take a dip in the ocean. (this would be so perfect on warm, low tide days!) Unfortunately time (and money) was of the essence so we had to skip this highly recommended tour. 🙁 Maybe next time!20161022-dsc_0696 20161022-dsc_0723 20161022-dsc_0742 20161022-dsc_0754 20161022-dsc_0783 20161022-dsc_0833 20161022-dsc_0867 20161022-dsc_0884 20161022-dsc_0895 20161022-dsc_0904 20161022-dsc_0994 20161022-dsc_0015 20161022-dsc_0028

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM: Lunch!

We only ate one meal in Capri (a late lunch). We originally had plans to dine at Ristorante da Paolino- Lemon Trees. Where you literally dine under huge lemon trees with lemons as big as grapefruits.  When I had planned the trip- I must have looked at their high season hours, as when we arrived they only had dinner hours starting at 7pm. Nonetheless I was able to snap a picture or two so you guys could see how cute it is! Ristorante da Paolino is located about a 8 min walk (uphill) from Marina Grande.  To start walk up the hilly road where near the cable car ticket booth (same route the buses go to Anacapri!) you will start to see signs like the one below with arrows pointing you in the correct direction. It was super quiet and peaceful in this area!

We met a local while walking and asked her where was a good place to eat around the Marina as we were short on time and did not want to travel back up to Capri Town- she explained it was hard to find good places near Marina Grande but named Lo Zodiaco Ristorante as a great place to sit outside and have fresh delicious seafood. 

Lo Zodiaco is located right on the edge of the water near the far left (when looking at Capri) almost at the end of the main Marina Grande area.  

It is not a trip to Capri without having something lemon (Bucket list checked from the granita earlier), fresh fish and a caprese salad. You guessed it- Caprese salad originated at the Island of Capri.  The caprese salad was pretty pricey for an appetizer- so the Hubs and I ordered a sampler that had a small caprese salad  along with some lemon ricotta, roasted egg plant and other goodies.  The Hubs ordered the tuna and I ordered the seafood pasta which was delicious. My Dad got a Fish and Seafood soup which was almost exactly like my seafood pasta but without the noodles but with MORE seafood. The seafood dish portions were very generous and presented beautifully.

Pro Tip: Some other restaurants to try in Capri if you are staying longer or are not near the Marina Grande: Da Tonino, Terrazza Brunella, Lido del Faro (Anacapri) and L’Angolo Del Gusto (Anacapri)20161022-dsc_0097 20161022-dsc_0104 20161022-dsc_010620161022-dsc_0159 20161022-dsc_017020161022-dsc_0135 20161022-dsc_0137 20161022-dsc_0144

2:00 PM-5:00 PM Head up to Anacapri for some great views and a hike + visit Villa San Michele:

We wandered around a bit and relaxed before heading back on the Ferry for home. (we wanted to spend some time to explore Sorrento and relax at the house). For you- I recommend taking the bus up to Anacapri. Remember where you bought your cable car ticket? Head back there to buy your bus tickets. The bus is small and only holds about 10 people. In the morning you will find long lines for the bus to Anacapri. By this time in the day the lines should have died down. Cost for a ticket is about 2-3 euros per way and run about every 15-20 minutes (more frequently in the high season) and takes about 20 minutes from the Marina Grande.

Once you are in Anacapri (which means above Capri) hop on the chairlift (a little pricey at 11 euros per way but worth it for the views and convienence) up to Mount Solaro (12 minute ride) Explore  and wander around. Technically you can hike up to Mount Solaro and back down to Anacapri but this may take 2 hours. If you are short on time maybe just hike down or take one of these shorter hiking routes to get curve your hiking fix. Another good hike on the island is to the Natural Arch which starts in Capri town. The Natural Arch was under construction when we visited in October but still viewable!

Next visit Villa Michele which is a magnificant home of the Swedish physician, Axel Munthe. for beautiful gardens and amazing high panoramic views of Capri. Price is 7 euros per person and is open from 9am until 1 hour before sunset. 

5:00 PM- Head home or stay the night!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Get their early
  2. Take cable cars, buses and lifts to save time (and energy)
  3. Plan or research where you are going to eat to avoid tourist traps
  4. Eat lots of seafood/fish, lemon things, caprese salad and get yourself a granita (maybe with some rum!)
  5. Capri is a place to wander and take it all in. Make sure you take time for this!
  6. Take a boat tour and see the blue grotto if you can! (but do not be sad if you can’t)
  7. Capri is pricey- so be ready
  8. Visit the Gardens of Augustus
  9. View the Faraglioni
  10. View the Via Krupp (or better yet hike down it)
  11. Try to have some beach time
  12. Check out the Natural Arch
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    Great post! Very informative and detailed, great overview of the logistics as well. I will share!

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