The Charming Canals of Venice

We began our Italian vacation on the floating city of Venice.  I have heard a lot of mixed opinions about Venice, but I have to say I was completely smitten. A recommendation we received time and time again was to just wander around and explore the charming canals of Venice.  When making our itinerary, I made sure to leave a half day dedicated to doing just that.  We saw a ton during out stay- which I will get into in a later post- but gazing at the canals were truly a sight.  

The crumbling brick, green water and Venetian architecture made for some pretty memorable photos. Enjoy!20161009-italy_0193-4 20161009-italy_0198-4 20161009-italy_0227-420161009-italy_0063-5 20161009-italy_0069-4 20161009-italy_0084-4 20161009-italy_0112-4 20161009-italy_0116-4 20161009-italy_0156-4 20161009-italy_0168-4 20161009-italy_0244-4 20161009-italy_0318-4 20161009-italy_0325-4 20161009-italy_0341-4 20161009-italy_0348-4 20161009-italy_0351-4 20161009-italy_0354-4

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