5 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Chantelle Paris Bras + Giveaway

When it comes to bras, I will be the first to admit- I knew I was wearing the wrong bra size.  The last time I was fitted for a bra was probably sometime in high school. I know I know. So when Chantelle Paris invited me to get fitted by one of their fitting experts- I jumped at the chance.  One Saturday morning I headed down to my local Nordstrom and met Candyce (the fitting expert) for a fitting. You guys- I felt like a new woman and learned so much.  Here are some shots from my fitting and my new bras along with 5 reasons why you need to invest in Chantelle Paris bras. 

Pssst- there is a surprise giveaway at the bottom of this post. Chantelle is giving 1 lucky Lace & Grace reader any 3 bras of their choice! Make sure you enter!

  1. Chantelle has their own fit experts to help you find the perfect bras for your body type. Every body (and chest!) is different and Chantelle’s team will show you the light! How many bra brands to you know who will do that for you? Did you know that women should get fitted every year (if not more)? Our bodies are always changing- and thus our bra size! How many of us have the dreaded double boob? Wrong size ladies! But you are not alone, over half of women are wearing the wrong bra size!


2. There is a Chantelle Paris Bra for every outfit. Not only does Chantelle have the standard, simple everyday and T-shirt bras; they have sports bras, strapless bras and sexy lingerie bras!  Chantelle is a french lingerie company (duh) and French women love to wear sexy bras and sometimes even make it apart of their visible outfit. (have some of the lace showing from a v-neck tee, etc) American woman tend to be more modest and lean more towards lighter neutral colors. Good thing Chantelle lets us choose. I for one love lacy bras.20160918-dsc_0749 20160918-dsc_0760

3. Chantelle carries small and large sizes.  As a larger chested woman- It was hell bra shopping before I discovered Chantelle. I would head to Victoria Secret for cute bras and be disheartened when the cute, sexy, feminine bras wouldn’t fit. Then I would head to Target, etc and be left with grandma options. I would put off bra shopping as long as I could. Chantelle not only carries average bra sizes but they also carry large sizes up to a (french) Size I! Chantelle also makes many of their sexy and modern style bras in the larger sizes so you never have to worry about buying ugly bras.



4. Chantelle creates quality lingerie. In addition to making sexy and fashionable bras- Chantelle adds special features to make their bras more comfortable and durable for an overall better fit.  Using high end materials, Chantelle adds inseams for better support and four options for clasps to make the band of the bra fit even better! Did you know that even if bras look okay- women should replace them after every 100 or so wears? (thats about every year or two depending on how often you wear each bra!) 20160918-dsc_077320161111-dsc_0058 20161111-dsc_0062

5. Finally, Chantelle Paris has a tradition of excellence. Chantelle was founded over 130 years ago- thats a lot of bra making! They have a history of lingerie innovation by creating the first elastic fabrics which were able to stretch in both directions opening up the possibilities for lingerie design and comfort. Chantelle takes pride in the fact that they use high end materials and make their products with precise fits. 

20161111-dsc_0068 20161111-dsc_0078 20161111-dsc_0082 20161111-dsc_0085

So there you have it- if you are larger chested none of the above makes you want to go get fitted properly and get yourself some correctly sized, sexy, high quality bras- then maybe the fact that wearing a bra that is your true fit will make you look slimmer and your tops fit nicer! I swear it! Although my cup size went up (because I was wearing too small of bra) the ‘girls’ actually looked smaller. 

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** This post was sponsored by Chantelle Paris. As always all opinions and ideas are my own. 

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  • Reply Vivi Monday, November 14, 2016 at 9:20 am

    Entered the giveaway. Also, thanks for introducing me to Chantelle Paris Bras. Never heard of them but now I’m interested.

  • Reply Kayla Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 10:49 am

    I just entered. Thanks so much for informing me about these bras! 🙂

  • Reply Macy Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    What a great giveaway for such an awesome product! I HATE bra shopping but these are so cute!

  • Reply Elise Richard Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    Finding the perfect fitting bra makes the biggest difference! I need to go make a visit. 🙂 Love this giveaway!!


  • Reply Dana Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 8:05 pm

    I’ve seen Chantelle bras at Nordstrom – I’d love to have one! I’m a sucker for pretty lingerie, but it has to be practical too.

  • Reply Brittany Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 10:34 am

    ooo these are gorgeous! i have smaller boobies but i’ve always hated bra shopping – i even worked AT Nordy’s and across from the lingerie section but never got fitted. shame! i feel inspired though, i want cute bras!!!!

  • Reply Christine Tatum Monday, November 21, 2016 at 5:37 pm

    Thank you for the introduction to Chantelle Paris. Fingers crossed I win the giveaway!

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