Top 8 household items that make entertaining a breeze

Holiday 2016 is almost here!

It is crazy to say- but the start of the holiday season is right around the corner which means tons of entertaining! I love hosting my friends and family, but man can it be exhausting.  My Grandmother and Mother have taught me the classic do’s and don’ts when it comes to throwing a dinner party. However, I have some modern day tips and tricks with household must have items that make entertaining a breeze! Click the links to shop my favorite household items. 

My Top 8 Household Items:
  1. Wine Cooler– White wine and any sort of bubbly needs to be chilled, plain and simple. I don’t know about you but chilling the wine is something I always forget to do or I put it in the freezer for a flash chill and then forget to take it out-bad very bad! A wine cooler makes this massacre a thing of the past.  Wine Cooler designs are so sleek- they won’t stick out like a sore thumb as many small appliances do when they are out in the open.
  2. Toaster Oven– We all know your oven is filled with the main events- the meat, and delectable sides. But how do you cook/heat up your appetizers? The microwave can make your apps mushy but a toaster oven will have your small bites come out like a pro.  I love these simple appetizer ideas, which are all cooked in a toaster oven, and cannot wait to try! 
  3. Crock Pot – When it comes to feeding the masses- crock pots are a god send. No worries about timing the dish perfectly or worrying if the food will stay warm. Also, crockpots are perfect to bring to parties if you are contributing to the meal! What are your favorite crock pot recipes? (I love this recipe)
  4. Handheld Vacuum – We all vacuum like crazy before we have guests but somehow between cooking, letting the dogs out, etc little messes can pop out of no where. Having a small handheld vacuum can be a lifesaver for quick, last minute cleanups.
  5. Electric Can Opener – I know this sounds silly, but soup/stew/baking season calls for a TON of cans.  We go through hand can openers like nobody’s business at our home. Electric can openers are durable and save time. A bonus: your hands will thank you. 
  6. Wireless Speaker Music is a must no matter what kind of entertaining you are doing- it totally sets the mood.  One thing that makes it easy to manage the tunes is a wireless speaker right from your phone or tablet. 
  7. Handheld Steam Cleaner – Probably the most useful gift we received in the past few years has been a handheld steam cleaner. With two dogs who track mud in the house, the handheld steam cleaner is perfect for keeping the carpet stainless. without having to rent a full blown steam cleaner. It is also perfect for cleaning up any red wine or food spills leftover from guests!
  8. Electric Wine Bottle Opener – If I had a dollar for how many times a cork has gotten stuck in a wine bottle, I would be a rich woman- this may be an exaggeration (because.. thats a lot of wine) but it can be a problem! Especially with certain types of corks paired with old/cheap wine cork screws.  I few years back, we gained an electric wine bottle opener and it has been amazing, quick and actually fun to use!

*** This post was sponsored by P.C. Richard and Son. As always all opinions are my own.

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