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Last Summer, Tenth Ward Distilling Company joined the Downtown Frederick, MD Community (located 508 East Church Street, Frederick, MD) and has been killing it ever since with their whiskey and barrel aged brandy.  Earlier this month, the Hubs and I visited Tenth Ward  for a tour and tasting and had a great time.  Tenth Ward currently has 3 whiskey’s available: The Claude Countee Corn Whiskey (my fav), The Lindsay Stunkle White Rye, and the White Caraway Rye Spirit. We also were able to taste their delicious Apple Jack brandy.  You can read more about Tenth Ward’s spirits here. I cannot see what new booze they create!

As soon as your enter the warehouse you are flooded with awesome Downtown Frederick History.  On one wall of the tasting room you will find a huge map.  In the late 1800’s, the East Church Street area of Downtown Frederick was filled with various industrial production warehouses.  This area was called the “Tenth Ward”- thus the Distillery’s namesake. How cool!  Back in the day, the city of Frederick intentionally placed the “Tenth Ward” on the east end of town because the wind tended to blow from west to east. An industrial area placed east of the city meant the stinky smells from the warehouse would be carried away from town.  How smart of them!

On another wall you will find old articles and photos of Famous Frederick Bootleggers during the prohibition era. Ny favorite was the story of Claude Countee- a bootlegger originally arrested for being involved in illegal booze operations stretching from Brunswick to Thurmont and Mt Airy to Braddock Heights. Countee did not stop his shenanigans there, he soon turned to robbing local stores, such as the Rosenour Building, that now houses The Tasting Room restaurant.  You can read more about his story here.  Frederick truly is  home to some pretty cool history stories. If we could only travel back in time!

One of the many things I absolutely loved about Tenth Ward is their focus on reducing their environmental footprint and sourcing their ingredients + materials locally.  All of their grains (rye, corn and barley) come from Rippon Lodge Farm in Rippon, WV.  Rippon Lodge’s farmer malts all of the rye and barley and smokes the corn there at the farm!

Tenth Ward‘s delicious Apple Jack apple brandy aged in bourbon barrels is made with Cider from downtown Frederick’s McCutcheon’s. Tenth Ward even collects its spring water from the nearby Catoctin Mountains. (get more info here

Want to visit?

What are you doing this weekend? Why not pay Tenth Ward a visit? They are open Wednesday-Sunday 12-6. A tour and a tasting is only $5 per person and reservations are not needed.   Owners Monica and Kyle are passionate and knowledgeable and can give you the 411 on the entire distilling process and share what makes Tenth Ward’s so awesome!  Grab a bottle of your favorite spirit from the distillery and try out one of Tenth Ward’s delicious looking cocktails- recipes here. We picked out a bottle of their corn whiskey and I cannot wait to create my own cocktail! (coming soon!)

P.S.  In addition to great booze, Tenth Ward has some awesome merchandise and gift items available.  They even sell whiskey aging kits filled with different types of smoked woods.  What a perfect gift for the holidays!

Check out some photos from our visit below!

Want to see other distilleries in the area we have visited? Check out Copper Fox Distillery – here and Catoctin Creek Distillery here

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** This post was done in collaboration with Tenth Ward Distilling Company. As always all opinions are my own. 
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