A Woodland Themed Baby Shower

Sooo remember this beautiful vintage meets boho wedding I attended last year? Well.. first comes love, then comes marriage then comes the baby carriage! My dear friend Laura and her Husband, Wes, have a baby boy on the way next month and this past weekend was the perfect weather to celebrate. Laura had the most adorable woodland themed baby shower and I loved everything about it.  From the food table, games and favors- everything had a forest twist.  We even got a peek at the new nursery which was enough to make me want a little boy of my own- right- now! Wes is an amazing artist and drew forest animals on the nursery wall. My favorite being the little fox looking up at the crib and do not get me started on that pallet wall and bird feeder night light!

 Wes also helped out with a ton with the decor for the shower. See those onsies over the fireplace? Yep he drew them!  He does all types of awesome stuff- email him at wmcculley31@gmail.com if you want something custom made for you!

The food was delicious and forest themed of course. Dip in the shape of a hedge hog, acorn cookies and a log cake!?! So creative and amazing. So many creative ideas! 

Check out some of the photos below!

I am so happy for you Wes & Laura and cannot wait to meet Baby Liam!

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