Taste of Linganore Event

This past weekend marked the 4th annual Taste of Linganore Festival at Linganore Winecellars.  Taste of Linganore is a Wine, Brew and Foodie event with some great live music and local artisans- what could be better?! I spoke about this event (and some other awesome Linganore Winecellar events- recap here) a few months back and couldn’t wait!

Taste of Linganore is one of the winery’s best kept secrets.  In my younger days I would frequent their main wine festival events all summer long. As the word spread to neighboring counties and states, they became a bit too rambunctious and crowded for me. Taste of Linganore is the perfect mid-way point, not too crowded but still boasts all the things I love about the larger wine festivals (plus more!). Proceeds from the event benefited The Anna’s Gift Foundation which is an organization that provides fun activities for hospitalized children.  Always great to party for a cause!

Here are some of the Breweries, food trucks and vendors who attended:

Antietam Brewery– I kept coming back to this tent. I had never had any of Antietam Brewery’s brews but loved the Red River IRA and the Little Mac IPA.

Red Shedman Brewery– Located steps from the Linganore Winecellars Tasting room; Red Shedmans was the place to relax indoors  (although they also had a tasting area outside) and get some relief from the scorching heat.  I am in love with their Raspberry Cider and am so trying the Raspberry Shandy next time I visit. (a mix of the raspberry cider and Farmer’s Daughter Blonde)

Linganore Winecellars– The host with the most. Linganore Winecellars put on a great event as usual and had their delicious wines out for the tasting. I was really loving the mango sangria and the new mountain red! So refreshing on a hot day.

Icing Smiles– Icing smiles is a non-profit organization that creates the most beautiful cakes for children with various illnesses. The cakes are spectacular folks! The panda below is a cake!!!! What a wonderful organization. Check out all of their fun events up on their website to help support the cause.

DC Sweet Potato Cakes: These things are delicious and remind me of pumpkin rolls! More cream cheese icing please!

Canal View Candles & Barrel Company– These guys make the coolest items out of used whiskey and wine barrels- I am talking stools, mirrors and dog beds!

E-Clipse Designs- Unique handmade jewelry made from car parts! Yes car parts! I just loved the little crab earrings. 

Parfections Chocolate- Located in Cockeysville, MD folks flocked to this table to try all the different types of chocolates.  Two words- bacon chocolate! 

The Wandering Chef- All of the food trucks had “foodie/tasting” menus and some had samples for us to try.  The Wandering Chef sampled out some Asian Chicken Dumplings that were delicious! The Hubs ended up getting some Asian Chicken Tacos from here.

Pigalicious BBQ- I headed over to the sweet smell of smoked BBQ. I ordered a Pork BBQ slider with a side of french fries.  The pork was darn good and exactly what I was craving.

In between tasting and wandering around from table to table; We sat on the Red Shedman’s deck and listened to the bands play. (Chris Sacks Band & Captain Jack)

What an awesome time for a great cause! We will definitely be back next year! Thanks Linganore Winecellars for putting on such a wonderful event.

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Tast of Linganore-45 Tast of Linganore-44 Tast of Linganore-42 Tast of Linganore-41 Tast of Linganore-39 Tast of Linganore-38 Tast of Linganore-37 Tast of Linganore-36 Tast of Linganore-35 Tast of Linganore-34 Tast of Linganore-33 Tast of Linganore-32 Tast of Linganore-31 Tast of Linganore-30 Tast of Linganore-29 Tast of Linganore-28 Tast of Linganore-27 Tast of Linganore-26 Tast of Linganore-25 Tast of Linganore-24 Tast of Linganore-23 Tast of Linganore-22 Tast of Linganore-21 Tast of Linganore-20 Tast of Linganore-19 Tast of Linganore-18 Tast of Linganore-16 Tast of Linganore-15 Tast of Linganore-14Tast of Linganore-46Tast of Linganore-40

*** This post was done in collaboration with Linganore Winecellars. As always all opinions are my own. 

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