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Great restaurants in Frederick are not just limited to the Downtown area.  I love discovering new places around town and had heard great things about Old Dominion Grill & Sushi.  You guessed it- Old Dominion Grill & Sushi loves Old Dominion Beer and YES they do sushi. A sushi tap house you guys!!! Dreams do come true. Not only does Old Dominion do sushi exceptionally well and offer a large variety of craft beers; the restaurant offers Thai, Japanese, Chinese and American foods. Something for everyone!

Walking up to Old Dominion Grill, I was impressed by the large, covered patio which is dog friendly. Inside the restaurant is updated with the perfect mix of Asian and Modern design.  To the right is a large bar area perfect for Happy Hours or for watching the game.  To the left you will find a large, open and airy dining room with full view of the sushi bar where you can watch the magic happen.  Behind the main dining area is the tatami dining area, where we chose to sit for a traditional Japanese dining experience.  We kicked off our shoes and sat on comfy cushions on the floor and awaited our feast.  We told our server to bring out whatever they wanted and couldn’t wait to be surprised.  

For drinks Wade had an Old Dominion Double D IPA and I a fancy girly drink- The Purple Passion (Viniq- a shimmering purple moscato/vodka blend, Orchard Pineapple Sake, Sprite) which was served with a beautiful purple flower. BEAUTIFUL!

The first dish to arrive was the Asian Lettuce Wraps- seasoned diced chicken with vegetables and nuts tossed in a sweet sauce and served with lettuce wraps. These things are super popular at Old Dominion Grill and we can see why.  I am so going to attempt to make my own at home!

A steaming skillet of Basil Shrimp made its way to the table which included shrimp, bell peppers, onions, carrots, bamboo shoots and basil tossed in a Thai Basil Chili Sauce.  This was just one of many Wok N Grill combinations. (The Chicken Soy Ginger sounds amazing as well!) Served with a side of steamed white rice- it was just what I was craving. Very fresh and flavorful.

Next came the Ying Yang shrimp, think bang bang shrimp (like at Bonefish Grill). Shrimp tempura fried, some tossed in spicy sauce and some in a wasabi sauce. Both delicious and paired perfectly.

From the corner of my eye I saw a huge, intricate plate coming our way.  A beautiful sushi display inclusive of fresh sliced, ahi tuna, white tuna, yellowfin tuna, salmon, striped bass & mackerel was placed in front of us.  I have had raw salmon and ahi tuna before but never the other options in front of me.  It took some courage but I tried each type of fish. I was surprisingly digging the white tuna and the mackerel in addition to my beloved ahi tuna. We could tell this was high quality fish!

To keep the sushi fresh there was a huge block of shaved ice with a flashing glow stick inside! The plate boasted orange peel shaving, flowers, greenery and more. It was stunning and took a lot of talent and time to put together.  As if more could fit fit on the plate, there was a specialty roll on the side as the icing on the cake. 

The Raven’s Roll- Shrimp tempura, spicy shrimp and avocado  topped with spicy kani, panko flakes, Old Bay and tobiko with a triple glaze sauce. Another popular item at Old Dominion Grill. So so good.. I mean anything with Old Bay has to be amazing right?

Wow what an amazing meal! Thank you so so much Old Dominion Grill & Sushi for the amazing dinner. We will definitely be back to try some more of your delicious looking dishes. Make sure to check them out! Old Dominion Grill & Sushi is located right off of route 85 in the Evergreen Square Shopping Center.20160717-Photo Jul 17, 6 51 51 PM20160717-Photo Jul 17, 6 53 39 PM20160717-Photo Jul 17, 5 42 14 PM20160717-Photo Jul 17, 5 49 03 PM20160717-Photo Jul 17, 5 40 38 PM20160717-Photo Jul 17, 5 52 20 PM20160717-Photo Jul 17, 5 54 01 PM 20160717-Photo Jul 17, 5 46 19 PM20160717-Photo Jul 17, 6 00 14 PM 20160717-Photo Jul 17, 6 02 32 PM20160717-Photo Jul 17, 7 02 11 PM20160717-Photo Jul 17, 6 13 23 PM 20160717-Photo Jul 17, 6 16 30 PM 20160717-Photo Jul 17, 6 17 35 PM 20160717-Photo Jul 17, 6 16 53 PM20160717-Photo Jul 17, 6 50 58 PM 20160717-Photo Jul 17, 6 51 21 PM20160717-Photo Jul 17, 7 04 58 PM20160717-Photo Jul 17, 7 05 20 PM20160717-Photo Jul 17, 7 09 26 PM

*** This post was done in collaboration with Old Dominion Grill & Sushi. As always all opinions are my own.

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