The Pharmacy, Nashville TN

After a morning of strolling around Centennial Park and hanging out at Pinewood Social ; we continued the ‘do as the locals do’ mentality and headed over to in East Nashville for some Burgers and Beer.  

 is decorated to look like (you guessed it) and old pharmacy with an old fashioned soda fountain and wood beams/counters all around.  Outside- you will find a huge biergarten with hanging lights, picnic tables and lush greenery everywhere.  Their saying is “The Wurst-Burger joint in Nashville” serving a variety of bratwursts, German beers and delectable burgers and shakes! 

We had heard tales about the long wait to be seated; but luckily were were seated outside right away.  We sipped some German Bier I cannot remember the names of and just enjoyed being outside once again. (We were pretty lucky with great weather the entire trip) Wade ordered the Mission City Burger (Guacamole, pic de gallo, slow- cooked black beans and horchata crema fresca) with a side of black beans and corn salsa.  I went with the classic Pharmacy Burger (yellow cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and yellow mustard) and a side of sweet potato fries.  

The buns are so dense, delicious and something I have never tasted before- at least on a burger! I loved all of it.  It took everything I had in me not to buy a shirt as a memento from this awesome place. is a must visit when traveling to Nashville!20160530-Photo May 30, 4 12 54 PM20160530-Photo May 30, 4 13 34 PM20160530-Photo May 30, 3 27 04 PM 20160530-Photo May 30, 4 09 20 PM20160530-Photo May 30, 3 27 18 PM 20160530-Photo May 30, 4 09 02 PM20160530-Photo May 30, 4 17 38 PM 

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