Pinewood Social, Nashville TN

20160530-Photo May 30, 1 28 54 PM

Pinewood Social seriously has it all.  Their beautiful outdoor area includes dipping pools, bocce ball and comfy couches/chairs for lounging. The inside of Pinewood Social boasts a Crema coffee bar, living/work area (inclusive of swanky leather couches and industrial desks); indoor bowling alley and an impressive bar + dining area.  All of that combined with Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch & Dinner offerings, it is easy to stay here all day long! 

After strolling along Centennial Park (recap here) we Uber-d it to Pinewood Social just in time for the outdoor pool section to open up.  We recouped from the night before with a hair of the dog, kale Caesar salad (seriously the best I have ever had) + fresh guac and chips and relaxed before exploring the rest of the place. 

I wish we could have had more time, and had some friends a long with us to take advantage of all the fun activities. I can easily see why Pinewood Social is so popular among the locals! 

Check out some photos from our visit below and make sure to make Pinewood Social on your itinerary if you find yourself in Nashville and wanting a break from all the tourists!mainMap20160530-Photo May 30, 1 20 04 PM20160530-Photo May 30, 1 19 25 PM20160530-Photo May 30, 1 02 35 PM20160530-Photo May 30, 12 24 24 PM 20160530-Photo May 30, 12 25 26 PM20160530-Photo May 30, 1 26 01 PM 20160530-Photo May 30, 1 26 58 PM 20160530-Photo May 30, 1 27 02 PM20160530-Photo May 30, 1 21 34 PM 20160530-Photo May 30, 1 25 03 PM20160530-Photo May 30, 1 29 07 PM

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