Brunch at Springfield Winery

Springfield Winery is one of my favs in the Frederick area (check out recap from my last visit here).   I could sit outside on their patio all day taking in those beautiful views of the mountains and lavender fields. Other than the amazing atmosphere, impressive tasting rooms/facility and delicious wine; I love the events Springfield  Winery & Distillery offers. There always seems to be something fun going on! A few weekends ago, my Mom and I headed to Springfield winery for their Sunday Brunch; inclusive of quiche, fresh fruit and mimosa (made with the winery’s Frizzante Sparkling Wine).  So delicious!

After we finished our meal, we headed to the lavender fields to pick our very own lavender bouquet. I tell you what boys- What an adorable day date idea!?

Soon it was time for a tasting and to show my Mom around the Barn.  I snagged a bottle of the Ironmaster (which is my favorite Springfield wine as of late) and headed upstairs.  While we were outside on the patio, Valerie, the owner’s daughter, showed us photos of the barn before her father restored it. Seriously, it is amazing how they were able to completely transform the barn but keep its historic character by using most of the original interior materials.

I really love this place (perfect place for a wedding for you soon to be brides!) and can already see I am going to be hanging out here a lot this summer!

The next brunch event is this Sunday! Get your tickets here to join in on the fun. 20160612-Photo Jun 12, 12 04 52 PM 20160612-Photo Jun 12, 12 23 07 PM20160612-Photo Jun 12, 12 58 10 PM 20160612-Photo Jun 12, 12 59 43 PM20160612-Photo Jun 12, 12 23 33 PM20160612-Photo Jun 12, 1 00 17 PM 20160612-Photo Jun 12, 1 01 24 PM20160612-Photo Jun 12, 1 05 28 PM20160612-Photo Jun 12, 1 02 09 PM20160612-Photo Jun 12, 1 18 59 PM 20160612-Photo Jun 12, 1 21 16 PM20160612-Photo Jun 12, 1 30 09 PM 20160612-Photo Jun 12, 1 29 03 PM 20160612-Photo Jun 12, 1 30 40 PM 20160612-Photo Jun 12, 1 36 48 PM 20160612-Photo Jun 12, 1 44 19 PM 20160612-Photo Jun 12, 1 49 03 PM20160612-Photo Jun 12, 1 52 02 PM20160612-Photo Jun 12, 1 05 37 PM

**Huge thank you to Springfield Winery for the gracious hospitality! 

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