Vanish Brewery

A group of us have been exploring new breweries in the area as of late.  Our first group outing was to the newly opened Smoketown Brew Station in Brunswick, MD (recap here) which was so fun.  Next on our list was the mysterious Vanish Brewery in nearby Lucketts, VA.  I say mysterious because the website leaves a lot up to the imagination and give zero hints on what to expect.  We had heard great things so off we went.  I was impressed by how large the brewery was and all of the open seating.  There is a play area inside to entertain the kiddos, and plenty of TVs to watch the game. Not only is the brewery kid friendly; dogs are also welcomed!  It was such a nice day so we each grabbed a flight and headed outside to bask in the sunshine. I was very impressed with the beer- my favorites being the Summer White, Juicy Tangerine White and the Grapefruit IPA. (I usually prefer dark beers but these had me at first sip).  Soon our tummies were growling and we ordered some BVQ (as in Bryan Voltaggio Que). The hubs and I ordered the Beef Brisket with a side of coleslaw and mac and cheese- Amazing!!!!

What a great time with great friends with great brews. I will be back for another visit to Vanish Brewery for sure! 

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