Smoketown Brew Station

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Rejoice! Another brewery opened up recently in Frederick County!  In the heart of downtown Brunswick you will find Smoketown Brew Station.  The brewery is housed in an old building which previous acted as the town fire station and was built in 1948.  In addition to a variety of tasty brews, Smoketown Brew Station has various food trucks on rotation to help keep you fueled. 

A few weekends ago, a group of friends (many being born and raised Brunswickians), visited Smoketown Brew Station and had a blast. The Hubs and I did a tasting of the various available brews; our favorite beers being the Berlin Brown Ale and the German Crossing Hefeweizen.  We snagged one of the last pulled pork sandwiches from Stroker’s BBQ which was delicious. We loved meeting one of the owners, Dave, who shared his story of opening up the Brewery.  He originally bought the fire-station to turn into an antique reclaimed shop but had the vision to start a brewery- and we are so thankful he did! What a great addition to Brunswick and the Frederick County community! 

If you are looking for more breweries to visit in area; check out my recaps of Flying Dog Brewery, Troegs Brewery & Pen Druid Brewery

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