An Ecuadorian Feast

20160514-Photo May 14, 3 55 14 PMA few weekends back my friends Maria & Angie, along with their awesome parents, threw an Ecuadorian Feast for a group of us.  Their parents had recently returned from a trip to visit family in Ecuador and wanted to share all the flavors of the country with us.  

Maria and Angie’s Mom is an amazing cook and made a multi course spread for us. The appetizers included homemade ceviche (it’s the best!) which was topped with roasted corn (toastado) and popcorn, empanadas de morocho with a delicious hot sauce, and habitas + arvejas picantes (spicy peas).  The main course included slow cooked pork (hornado) topped with a homemade sauce called agrio (cilantro, tomatoes, onion, OJ, to name a few of the ingredients).  Side dishes included potato cheese patties (llapingachos), hominey (what grits are made out of) and a nice little avocado salad.  We barely had room for dessert but made room for the white meringues (suspiros), aplanchados (puff pastry with meringue), quesadilla (yes a sweet dessert with cheese) & guave fudge (dulce de guayaba).

To top it all of we were each given Ecuadorian chocolate and a souvenir from Ecuador to take home! Everything was seriously amazing. I am now a lover of Ecuadorian Food!

Thank you so much the Veintimilla family for throwing such a great party! Check out a few shots of the menu below!20160514-Photo May 14, 2 01 43 PM 20160514-Photo May 14, 2 02 56 PM 20160514-Photo May 14, 2 03 20 PM 20160514-Photo May 14, 2 03 34 PM 20160514-Photo May 14, 2 03 41 PM20160514-Photo May 14, 3 03 59 PM 20160514-Photo May 14, 3 04 06 PM 20160514-Photo May 14, 3 04 30 PM 20160514-Photo May 14, 3 04 38 PM20160514-Photo May 14, 2 30 13 PM20160514-Photo May 14, 2 04 23 PM 20160514-Photo May 14, 2 03 50 PM

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