Luray Caverns, VA

If you are from the DMV area- a field trip/day visit to Luray Caverns, Virginia was probably a part of your childhood.  When I was about eight, I remember  being amazed at what I saw in the caverns and felt like I was in a different world.  I had truly forgotten about Luray Caverns until my friends, Diane and Ohshang posted a picture from their recent trip.  The Hubs and I had not been there since we were probably in the single digits in age and decided to make a day date of it.   In about an hour and a half we were at Luray and ready for some adventure.  Tickets are $26 a piece but worth it in my opinion.  Get their early in the day to avoid long waits and crowds.  Whether you pre-purchase your tickets or purchase at the ticket booth you must wait in the tour line.  Right from the main building you walk down 70ish steps into the caverns (its crazy how the caverns are right there!) Each tour guide takes about 15-20 people through the caverns over 1.25 miles of pathways which lasts about an hour.    

The caverns were discovered in 1878 but the formations in the cavern are millions of years old.  I won’t give away all the fun history and secrets of the tour- but here are some eerie shots of our visit to Luray Caverns! A photographer’s dream. 😉

20160402-Photo Apr 02, 12 06 42 PM20160402-Photo Apr 02, 11 01 57 AM20160402-Photo Apr 02, 11 02 17 AM20160402-Photo Apr 02, 11 02 31 AM20160402-Photo Apr 02, 11 03 16 AM20160402-Photo Apr 02, 11 06 27 AM20160402-Photo Apr 02, 11 13 10 AM20160402-Photo Apr 02, 11 20 34 AM

20160402-Photo Apr 02, 11 27 26 AM20160402-Photo Apr 02, 11 28 37 AM20160402-Photo Apr 02, 11 32 45 AM20160402-Photo Apr 02, 11 43 03 AM20160402-Photo Apr 02, 12 06 36 PM


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