A Visit to Tröegs Independent Brewery

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Tröegs Brewery sure does make some delicious brews– Java Head, Nugget Nectar, The Tröegenator! About a year ago, some friends visited Tröegs Brewery and told us how cool the atmosphere, snack bar and of course the beer was.   I immediately visited the Tröegs website and saw spinets of the awesomeness and had to see it in person!

Despite the impending snow this past Monday, we  decided to still make the trek to Hershey, PA (about 1 hr & 45 mins from Frederick) for a visit, and it was well worth it.  We arrived around 11:30 am and hung out for a bit before our 12:30 tour. This place is seriously awesome people! There is a very large tasting room with plenty of seating available and a fancy, gourmet snack bar! (seriously check out this snack bar menu!) I loved that some brewery equipment is “out in the open” and visible from the tasting area.  We ordered some brew samples and an Oktoberfest pretzel (w/malt barley, sea salt, cheese sauce, horseradish mustard) to share to hold us over until it was time for lunch.

Bob was our brewery tour guide, a proud beer geek who supported Tröegs even when the brewery was in it’s infancy stage.  We first checked out the mill room before heading to the brew house deck which over looks the tasting room/snack bar.  The brew house deck was my favorite part of the tour (besides the tasting of course) where we learned about the various methods of “cooking”  Tröegs  beer.   Next it was off to the  fermentation cellar where we had a taste of beer in the fermentation stage.  Before the tour ended we were able to try some brews while we listened to Bob tell the awesome history of Tröegs as well as some future plans to expand the brewery which would include another tasting room! 

Tickets for the brewery tour are $5 (which includes a souvenir glass!) and sell out quickly.  There is also a self guided tour option available. 

After the tour we checked out the large general store, where they have some pretty awesome TRÖEGS Product for purchase.  Everything from bar mats, bar taps and beer signs to even recycled work shirts! (Wade loved those) We bought a create your own 6 pack of scratch beer (I just love the 212 Chocolate Stout) and bought an awesome Nugget Nectar metal sign to remember our trip.  Once we get our basement finished and the bar cleaned up- we will for sure be getting some more awesome Tröegs gear to decorate!

Now it was lunch time! I ordered the braised brisket on brioche w/ mustard slaw and house steak sauce (accompanied by some pretty amazing fries w/ spicy ketchup!) and Wade  (on special) a corn bread waffle with pulled pork and slaw topped with some kind of gravy. Both were absolutely amazing.  The menu items are unique and delicious with a farm to table concept. To boot everything is made from scratch-something you would not expect at a brewery!

To accompany our lunch we grabbed some more samples before heading home.

What an awesome time and a great day trip for anyone in the tri-state area!  Thank you Tröegs for such a great time! We cannot wait for our next visit.

(***check out a recap of another local brewery, Flying Dog Brewery, —> here!)Photo Feb 15, 11 49 40 AM

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