The Wedding Chronicles: Reception Pt. 1


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In honor of throwback Thursday I thought I would share some highlights and photos from our reception. After reminiscing through photos, there is way too much to share so here is the first part of our Wedding Reception! You can check out a recap of our wedding reception decor detail here and here (along with Pre-Ceremony, Wedding Ceremony,  Bride + Groom Portraits ) All photos (including linked posts) were taken by my amazing wedding photographer- Anna Kerns

Our reception started with cocktail hour outside at Mathwig Estate. We had a few signature drinks for the guests to sip on (Meanie Peach Bellini, John Daly and a Frederick Mule) along with some snacks of course to hold them over until dinner (Fruit + Veggie Platter, Anti-pasta display and apricot meatballs) We had some lawn games set up (corn hole, ladder ball, etc) as well as a makeshift photo booth to pass by time. Meanwhile the entire bridal party headed to the open field for some pictures. I loved that we all had time to mingle during cocktail hour and relax.

Soon it was time for dinner and the grand entrance-which yielded the best pictures ever. We all entered to ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man.” One of my favorite memories of the night was when Wade and I entered and our friends up in the loft went crazy and were swinging their napkins. Wade and I then went directly into our first dance, which was to our favorite love song- “Free” by Zac Brown Band (inclusive of the violin intro- which is the best!). I remember feeling like it was only Wade and I in the room (I know cheesy- but true) and feeling so happy. Right after my Dad came up for the Father/Daughter dance where we danced to one of his most loved songs-“What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.  Next up was the Mother/Son dance. I was seated at this time  and remember being in tears the entire time! Wade and his Mom danced to “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts which was perfection.

After the Maid of Honor & Best Man Speeches it was time to eat! Maria is the best speaker ever and led everyone in the blessing.  Guests went through the buffet line of Beef Brisket, Chicken stuffed with pesto, mozzarella & sun dried tomatoes, smashed red potatoes with rosemary and garlic and grilled veggies. For our vegetarian guests we had a scrumptious butternut squash lasagna. All food was provided by The Savory Spoon Catering. (recap of picking a caterer here)

Mid-way through dinner, Anna grabbed Wade and I to head out for portraits during the golden hour which turned out to be a perfect time to get away for a bit and be with each other before partying the night away! More to come in Part II! 10556316_10102734594667223_7285253780430864824_n15668_10102734595979593_3620044345296320717_n (2)10553568_10102734582127353_3971516410328065711_n (1)10610503_10102734593299963_1353226722712771557_n10610643_10102734594023513_4448648119129598637_n10455411_10102725638600253_8092463528580850735_n10603526_10102734591748073_3033333437249074817_n10610812_10102725638570313_9191061056145742381_n10609467_10102725637457543_5833169266883703308_n10516614_10102778499272043_4343884365049941448_n10646972_10102778498184223_6374571017031142594_n936688_10102778497700193_3208672686728310434_n10612964_10102778496452693_8514125106206978953_n10646769_10102778495779043_1746211142805994907_n10468361_10102778495185233_2108104862977875865_n10641171_10102778496352893_4399710636667741616_n10614313_10102734594263033_7702064604766459224_n10570389_10102725689573103_6156871653476183340_n10603413_10102725690122003_4240355329383987078_n 10530844_10102725688430393_7879768569907463535_n 10590464_10102725687317623_3473149342817822397_n 10393973_10102725686638983_8366620568920258959_n 10306166_10102725685955353_3554321814517483778_n 10584003_10102725684628013_7157717962760916144_n10526121_10102725684258753_6890375876897524539_n10525955_10102725684613043_4146860544644506214_n10583987_10102725681773733_222177909287611344_n 1546349_10102725681105073_2038980319989536707_n 10501821_10102725677342613_6300123305708881357_n 10542907_10102725668205923_5598376841546055641_n 10592864_10102725652632133_1901318977081162056_n 10342895_10102725648555303_1577245763254437790_n10534665_10102725641190063_8684069929468097979_n10458851_10102725640830783_4835808687142570979_n10408713_10102725639219013_3819976878869670077_n10561608_10102725649039333_8199000040534690130_n

Flowers- Candlelight Floral Designs

Catering- The Savory Spoon Catering

Event Coordinator- By Design Events PA

Photographer- Anna Kerns Photography, LLC

Cinematographer- Matt Stambaugh Media

Bridesmaid Dress- Etsy

Bride Dress- Found at Posh Bridal

Wedding Rentals- Premier Event Rentals

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