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A dedicated office space is something I was extremely excited about when we built our home last year.  Although it has been a slow start, I am finally feeling like we are on our way to a relaxing and inspirational work space.   Last weekend we ripped up the carpet and started the process of laying laminate wood flooring from Golden Select in our office.  Although we have never laid any kind of flooring before, the process was relatively easy.  

Golden Select has been amazing to work with and has been in the flooring industry for 25 years.  They are based out of Canada, but you feel as if they are located right in your own town.  Communication was a breeze with their wonderful representative who helped us pick out the perfect color for our space.  After reviewing Golden Select’s online gallery of Laminate Wood Flooring, Wade and I narrowed down our selections but still could not decide.Golden Select was happy to send us samples so we could decide with confidence.Golden Select also threw in some other samples they thought we would love.  In the end we went with Silver Spring, a grayish color with an old barn-wood look which was exactly what we were looking for.  

I really think laminate flooring has had a bad reputation in years’ past; and I will admit I originally did not think highly of laminate flooring.  However laminate flooring companies, such as Golden Select, have really stepped up their game and have made the flooring look so realistic and durable at a fraction of the price of having authentic hardwood.  Golden Select really pays attention to the details when designing their laminate wood flooring.  You find all the aspects you would see in wood flooring as you do with the laminate;  grain texture and natural looking color variation. The selection we picked also had saw cut marks which gave it that authentic barn-wood look in addition to rustic character. 

When we built our home, we longed for hardwood but couldn’t swing it.  Hardwood in the foyer & powder room came standard and we chose a dark cherry color which we loved. (even though we wanted more of a rustic choice) Fast forward a year later and that small amount of hardwood has taken a beaten which shows.  8 paws + nails (2 pooches) has really taken its toll on our authentic hardwood with little knicks and dents everywhere, which really makes it a bit unbearable to imagine ever spending a small fortune to install hardwood flooring.  

Golden Select’s laminate wood flooring is so durable. Yes, we even did some tests before deciding to take the plunge with laminate flooring. Tests included trying to scratch, dent, etc pieces which the laminate flooring withstood no problem.  The pre-attached foam backing is thick and adds even more value to the flooring- no need to purchase your own underlayment which saves time and money!  Needless to say we were amazed at the quality of the flooring.  

Soon after Christmas, our beautiful Silver Spring Laminate Flooring was here.  Golden Select included detailed installation instructions, tips and care information with the order.  They also have an entire support section on their website which includes installation guides, installation videos, FAQs and warranty information which helped ease our nerves about not having any experience with laying flooring.    

 Our office is about 10 feet by 10 1/2 feet which proved to be a little tricky when it came to laying the pattern of the planks.  We laid out each piece and found a pattern that we loved and went for it.  The process went fairly smoothly with only a few sacrificed pieces; Golden Select suggests at least a 5% buffer for mistakes which prevented me from hyper ventilating when errors were made.  Things did get a little bit tricky towards the door frame area which had a very small asymmetrical angled area- but the Hubs pulled it off with flying colors. Overall the click installation process made everything perfect for home improvement beginners like us!

The next weekend we purchased a grey transition strip and shoe molding (which we painted white.) After the shoe molding dried, it was time to install.  We still have to caulk (and touch up the paint on the shoe molding where the finishing nails were placed) but that is a battle for another weekend.  

The furniture was moved back in and I love the contrast  of our brown cow hide rug from Silk & Burlap and our dark brown furniture against the grey tones of the flooring.  The new flooring allows the various browns of the rug to really pop out! (versus when it was against the beige carpet)  

Our next project to tackle will be to build a desk for the office (similar to this) and add a new (half) French door with window panels.  (like this)

I recapped my office inspiration in this post.. and I think it is really getting close to becoming reality!

A huge thanks to Golden Select for sponsoring this post and I cannot wait to show everyone our future flooring projects throughout the crib!Photo Jan 18, 1 00 31 PM Photo Jan 18, 1 00 55 PM Photo Jan 18, 1 01 19 PM Photo Jan 18, 1 03 08 PMPhoto Jan 18, 1 01 56 PMPhoto Jan 18, 12 49 33 PMPhoto Jan 18, 12 50 15 PM Photo Jan 18, 12 51 09 PM Photo Jan 18, 12 51 39 PMPhoto Jan 18, 4 20 05 PMPhoto Jan 18, 4 17 24 PMPhoto Jan 18, 4 20 44 PM-3Photo Jan 18, 11 36 09 AM Photo Jan 18, 11 35 34 AM Photo Jan 18, 11 33 44 AM Photo Jan 18, 11 32 11 AM Photo Jan 18, 11 31 34 AM Photo Jan 18, 11 30 17 AM Photo Jan 18, 11 29 07 AMPhoto Jan 18, 11 34 38 AM

My collage inspiration

**this post was sponsored by Golden Select. As always all opinions are my own.


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  • Reply Kate Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    Hi there – I’m wondering what you think of your floor now that it’s been a year, are there many scratches?

    • Reply LaceAndGrace Monday, February 27, 2017 at 7:52 pm

      Hi Kate,

      Thanks for checking in. We still love them! No scratches- super durable. Everything still looks great! I highly recommend. 🙂


  • Reply Janice Power Monday, January 1, 2018 at 10:27 pm

    Hi there! I also bought this floor and love it. Unfortunately, we did underestimate our need and need a couple more boxes. Golden Select no longer makes this so I am wondering if you have any leftover or know where I can get some! I’ll be so upset if we can not finish the project!

    • Reply LaceAndGrace Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 4:51 pm

      Hi Janice,

      We used ever bit of ours. I am sorry. I do know their new grey is very similar. Maybe mix and match the old with the new?



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