Hometown Tourist: Buckeystown, MD

Frederick holds a special place my heart.  I always find myself bragging about my hometown whenever a “where are you from” conversation arises.  There is no doubt that Frederick County’s downtown is “hip & historic”; filled with tons of unique stores, bars and restaurants.  For the outdoorsy folks you have a plethora of hiking trails throughout Frederick County including Sugar Loaf Mountain, Gambril State Park & Cunningham Falls.  With Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries sprinkled throughout Frederick Co there are plenty of places to relax and have a few drinks.

Even after living in Frederick County, MD all of my life, I am still discovering new places within it.  When Wade and I were searching for houses about a year and a half ago, we found a house we loved in Buckeystown, MD.  While driving around the town trying to find the house, we fell in love with the relaxed vibe of the town along with the beautiful historic houses that lined the main street.  We ended up not purchasing the Buckeystown home-but my curiosity to explore stayed. 

Fast forward to winter 2016. To help combat the winter blues, the hubs and I decided to do a local “staycation” in Buckeystown.  I had heard the Buckeystown Inn had new ownership (and was now the Frederick Inn Bed & Breakfast) and underwent a HUGE renovation. I checked them out on Facebook and saw how amazing everything looked.  I have stayed in many B&Bs and just love the cozy feeling; however have always known them to be “Grandma-ish” with doilies, quilts and lots of floral wallpaper. Not the Frederick Inn Bed & Breakfast!  The interior was breathtaking and designed by Tuscan Blue Designs and I had to see it in person!  So off we went for a fun filled 24 hours in Buckeystown, MD. Here is a recap of our stay along with a mini guide on things to do in and around Buckeystown.

Frederick Inn Bed & Breakfast

When we arrived to the Frederick Inn Bed & Breakfast, we were greeted by Pat, owner (along with her husband Kirk) of the Inn, who showed us around and offered us some hot cider. The Inn is even more beautiful than the pictures people! There are beautiful antique chandeliers in every room which I could not get enough of.   The first floor boasts a beautiful dining room, 3 parlors and a commercial kitchen. Leading up an elaborate staircase to the second floor, there are five suites each beautifully decorated and with their very own bathrooms! We spent the night in suite five which was gorgeously decorated  with dark blues, neutral beiges/greys and crisp whites. We were able to peek into some of the other suites before their visitors checked in and each room was amazing.  Suite Four is the biggest suite and has a fireplace and large sitting area. I long for our Master Bedroom to look just like it!   The third floor is almost finished being renovated and is perfect for groups/families with four bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms and a common area. I cannot wait to see what Pat, Kirk & Tuscan Blue Designs does with the space!  (girls weekend anyone!?) Overall the entire Inn has a perfect mix of classic/historic pieces mixed with fresh/crisp style. 

The building was built in 1897 by Charles E. Keller, who owned a local limestone quarry.  The home was occupied by the Keller family until the 30’s and had many owners until the 70’s when it was turned into the Buckeystown Inn.  The building is truly a piece of history-I loved sitting and imagining swanky parties being held there.  (you can read more about the history of the Inn here)

Pat & Kirk’s journey to becoming the Frederick Inn B&B’s owners, many would say, was fate.  Pat previously was a pharmaceutical executive and Kirk a Civil Engineering Consultant.  They had no previous vision of owning a B&B until their trip to Frederick, MD.

Kirk and Pat were thinking about moving away from Southeastern PA, but wanted to find a town they vibed with- so mini trips to places they had never been were a win win! At the time Kirk booked their trip to Frederick, the season of Top Chef with Frederick’s beloved Bryan Voltaggio was airing.  Pat, a fan, told Kirk they had to go to Volt!  On their Frederick trip, they actually stayed in the now Frederick Inn Bed and Breakfast (back then Buckeystown Inn) and although it needed some major updating. Needless to say Kirk & Pat fell in love with the Inn and Frederick!  Before heading back to PA, they told a local relator to give them a call if the Inn ever became available.  Low and behold about a year later the Inn went up for sale.  From 2012-2015, the Inn underwent an extensive makeover and was finally open for business. (you can read more about Pat & Kirk here)

Photo Jan 21, 10 01 02 PMPhoto Jan 21, 9 58 26 PMPhoto Jan 21, 9 59 17 PMPhoto Jan 21, 10 04 46 PMPhoto Jan 21, 10 05 28 PM

Photo Jan 21, 9 50 03 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 49 24 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 48 02 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 47 09 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 46 21 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 45 19 PMPhoto Jan 21, 9 56 21 PMPhoto Jan 21, 9 54 55 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 54 04 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 52 48 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 52 05 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 50 43 PMPhoto Jan 21, 9 55 44 PMPhoto Jan 21, 10 10 02 PMPhoto Jan 21, 10 07 19 PMPhoto Jan 21, 10 14 41 PMPhoto Jan 21, 10 12 08 PMPhoto Jan 21, 10 12 58 PMPhoto Jan 21, 10 15 49 PMPhoto Jan 21, 9 57 49 PM Chartreuse & Co.

The hubs had homework to do- so my girlfriend, Casey and I hit up one of my favorite barn sale spots- Chartreuse & Co.

With 6 farm buildings jam packed full of unique vintage finds, Chartreuse & Co is a must visit and located right in Buckeystown, MD.  Open one weekend a month, the grounds usually get pretty crowded- so bring your girls and come early! There is almost always a food truck with everything you need for a fun filled day of treasure hunting.  Casey found an awesome dark blue end table + old spool.  I wanted a ton of awesome stuff but ended up restraining myself and purchased two items: an old furniture cart to use as a coffee table and an old barn window (with vent!). I cannot wait to show you guys how we incorporate them!

Photo Jan 21, 10 22 55 PMPhoto Jan 21, 10 25 52 PM

Photo Jan 21, 10 25 20 PM Photo Jan 21, 10 24 05 PMPhoto Jan 21, 10 21 51 PM Photo Jan 21, 10 21 09 PM Photo Jan 21, 10 20 31 PM Photo Jan 21, 10 19 47 PMPhoto Jan 21, 11 08 40 PM Photo Jan 21, 11 07 50 PM Photo Jan 21, 11 07 23 PM Photo Jan 21, 11 06 58 PM Photo Jan 21, 11 06 34 PM Photo Jan 21, 11 06 07 PM Photo Jan 21, 11 05 37 PM Photo Jan 21, 11 05 07 PM Photo Jan 21, 11 04 39 PM Photo Jan 21, 11 04 01 PM Photo Jan 21, 11 03 36 PM

Buckeystown Design CoOp

Buckeystown Design CoOp had their grand opening this past weekend and is located right in the heart of Buckeystown.   Running on the same schedule as Chartreuse & Co., (and Sweet Clover Barn– another local fav!) I was beyond excited for our first visit. Buckeystown Design CoOp not only has new and vintage finds, but also offers custom upholstery along with other design services.  I feel in love with the checkout desk which was HUGE and had intricate rot iron sides. I was told was originally made to be a kitchen island for one of the owners.  After visiting the Design CoOp, Casey and I headed to Sweet Clover Barn (who just had their fresh start ribbon cutting!) to end our vintage shopping for the day. 

Photo Jan 21, 9 37 19 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 36 50 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 36 05 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 35 21 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 34 41 PMPhoto Jan 21, 10 19 08 PM

I picked up the Hubs and we headed straight for the Buckeystown Market for some snacks & booze for the Packers & Cardinals game later that night.  I had heard there was a park nearby along the Monocacy River so we stopped by for a quick look.  The park is small but equipped with a playground and pavilion area perfect for a picnic in the warmer months in addition to fishing!

We walked/drove around the town a bit taking in the beautiful houses before heading back to the Inn to relax before dinner. While Wade watched football I was in my jammies, sipping wine and blogging at the cutest desk/workstation in our room. 

Pat had mentioned that Kirk would be by that evening, so I ventured downstairs and caught Kirk prepping for breakfast the next morning.  We chatted about the renovation process and the history of the home before it was time for me to get ready for our dinner at Alexander’s.  Kirk and Pat are so down to earth and you can really tell they love and are proud of owning their very own Inn. Photo Jan 21, 9 44 13 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 43 27 PMPhoto Jan 21, 9 42 03 PMPhoto Jan 21, 9 40 23 PM   Photo Jan 21, 9 38 36 PM Photo Jan 21, 9 38 00 PM

Alexander’s Restaurant 

Its not a stay in Buckeystown without a dinner at Alexander’s Restaurant. I cannot believe we have never dined there before! Now I realize that we have been missing out on some darn amazing Southern Cuisine!  Built in 1790, the restaurant embraces the antebellum decor with a warm, cozy ambiance. Short of the costumes, Alexander’s reminded us of dining at the famous Christiana Campbell’s Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg.  

We were seated immediatly and greeted by our awesome server, Juan.  I loved to see that Alexander’s also had crystal chandeliers in each room! Wade and I both ordered the Mint Julep and dived into delicious homemade biscuits. For an appetizer we ordered the Slow Smoked Brisket and Pimento Cheese Biscuit Sliders- which were seriously out of this world (no really you have to get them!). It took everything we had in us to not order another plate of them! 

For our entrees, I ordered the Low Country Shrimp in Sherry Cream Sauce (w/ bacon and roasted peppers over creamy stone ground grits) along with creamy mashed potatoes and overnight coleslaw. Shrimp & Grits are pretty much my go to entree item and Alexander’s did not disappoint!  Wade ordered Slow Cooked Chuck Pot Roast w/ southern greens and baked beans.  I was able to snag a bite and the roast was so flavorful and juicy! We saved room for dessert and went with the apple crisp with vanilla ice cream which was a piece of heaven.

I asked the hostess if she could show me the upstairs which sported two private dining areas perfect for intimate parties.  We had such a great time at Alexander’s ; the food, atmosphere and service were impeccable.  I am already planning our next visit, maybe for Brunch perhaps? (which looks mouthwatering!)

We made it back to our room just in time for the Packers game. Wade watched the game while I caught up on some reading. (currently reading the Goldfinch)  After a disappointing loss, we fell asleep almost instantaneously on the most comfortable mattress + pillows ever. (which I later learned are the same Sealy mattresses made for the Hilton Hotels.)

Photo Jan 21, 9 39 46 PMPhoto Jan 21, 9 42 53 PMPhoto Jan 21, 9 39 07 PMPhoto Jan 21, 9 41 28 PMPhoto Jan 21, 8 37 01 PMPhoto Jan 21, 8 34 03 PMPhoto Jan 16, 9 17 34 PMPhoto Jan 21, 8 15 36 PMPhoto Jan 21, 8 33 21 PMPhoto Jan 21, 8 32 39 PMPhoto Jan 21, 8 35 49 PMPhoto Jan 21, 8 38 25 PMPhoto Jan 21, 8 37 46 PMPhoto Jan 21, 8 41 59 PMPhoto Jan 21, 8 41 22 PM

The next morning we slept in (normally the doggies get us up at 7am, so sleeping in was a real treat!) and slowly made our way downstairs for some coffee.  Even though it was  chilly outside we had to take advantage of the huge wrap around front porch which is perfect for coffee sipping.  Soon it was time for breakfast! We were greeted by homemade banana bread which was so flavorful and moist, followed by a delicious poached pear.  The main dish consisted of hot roasted potatoes, sausage and a slice of asparagus leek quiche! (the quiche was so good I had to ask for the recipe!)

We did not want to leave so we hung out in one of the sitting rooms with more coffee and relaxed for a bit before packing up and heading home.  

Whether you are from the area or visiting Frederick County for the first time, The Frederick Inn Bed & Breakfast is the perfect place to stay to get away from it all and enjoy warm hospitality in a gorgeous setting.  

Photo Jan 21, 10 43 33 PM Photo Jan 21, 10 42 52 PM Photo Jan 21, 10 41 49 PM Photo Jan 21, 10 38 31 PMPhoto Jan 21, 9 56 58 PMPhoto Jan 21, 10 36 41 PMPhoto Jan 21, 10 37 21 PMPhoto Jan 21, 10 32 30 PM

Buckeystown Guide

Pick a weekend when Chartreuse & Co + the Buckeystown Design CoOp are open. Get there early to avoid the crowds + get your first pick of awesome and unique finds.

Grab some snacks from the Buckeystown Market (or Chartreuse food truck!)and head over to the Buckeystown Park (perfect for kiddos)

Head to Sugarloaf Mountain for a quick (or long) hike then relax by a fire pit at Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard

Do a beer tasting or take a class at Flying Dog Brewery, which is only a few miles from Buckeystown

Check in to the Frederick Inn Bed & Breakfast to relax

Visit Bodmer’s Pottery and Stove, Alpaca Farm and Mayne’s Tree Farm 

Eat dinner at Alexander’s Restaurant

If you have the luxury of being in the area longer, I highly suggest a trip to Downtown Frederick.  Take a walk in Baker Park with coffee in hand from Frederick Coffee Company, Cafe Nola or Beans and Bagels

Walk around and check out the awesome shops. My favs include Relish Decor, Silk & Burlap, Treaty General Store, Velvet Lounge, Retro Metro, Ec’clectiblesHeritage Antiques and Great Stuff by Paul

Get something  to eat; I suggest Firestones, VoltTasting Room, Hootch & Banter or Isabella’s!

 Grab some drinks at JoJo’s Tap house, Cellar Door, Bushwallers or Brewer’s Alley!

Uber it home! (only about 15 bucks from downtown to Buckeystown!)

** A HUGE thank you to Pat & Kirk from the Frederick Inn Bed & Breakfast for hosting us and to Alexanders Restaurant for the lovely meal.  All opinions and photos are my own.

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  • Reply Kathy Friday, January 22, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    Loved reading your blog… We are new to Baltimore/Maryland, and have searched out places to visit/junk. Haven’t been to Buckeystown yet, but it’s on my list!! Thanks!! (I’m a junker, so Chartreuse & Co. looks like my kind of place!!)

    • Reply LaceAndGrace Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 7:58 am

      Kathy- Thank you! You definitely have to check out Chartreuse & Sweet Clover Barn then! Welcome to Maryland!

  • Reply My District Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 11:51 pm

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for Maryland

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