Southern Breeze Sweet Tea

l9j8boKDnjBD5cWbze9QodjJIATcuPMEZ32RyIlKO3UI am so excited to be hosting Christmas Eve dinner for our family this year.   Wade and I created a delicious menu that I cannot wait to share with you all- but something I always seem to forget about are the non-alcoholic beverages! 

The Hubs’ family loves (I mean really really loves) sweet tea and it is always at every family event- even in the dead of winter. Because of health concerns, they had switched from traditional sweet tea (made with sugar of course) to tea mixed with sweetener.  I have never made sweet tea before (other than the powdery stuff- does that even count?) so when Southern Breeze-Sweet Tea contacted me to try their Traditional Southern Sweet Tea, I was curious to see if it truly would taste like the real thing. 

Making the tea is so easy and doesn’t take forever (like sun tea) but is packed full of all the goodness of traditional Southern Sweet Tea. Simply boil water and add 2 quarts to a pitcher. Steep 2 tea bags from 3-5 minutes. Place in refrigerator to cool. When ready to serve, fill up a glass (a mason jar perhaps?!?) full of ice, pour and enjoy!

Needless to say this stuff is great and perfect to enjoy year round- I know Southern Breeze Sweet Tea will be a hit at our table! 

P.S. Southern Breeze Sweet Tea also comes in Raspberry, Lemon and Peach Flavors- Perfect to try out some of these awesome recipes with!zcGLJoRzvPyB5iKtwgI3eErYYgHFKCjE4LCBilPrI1I Zvyd2tFkl3KZVPWKR2KMez0frueSGUuD1VQYNWnUrKUCIEXsA6lG6-s_Mbcx3lRynVZS04ekJQDmcL3bYAeUSAYRjJWUEkZ-NNuDdFLmQG3dHjhviVmC4SJbM-vpv8uVYip59IhTclQXBc63wjjdJCmzJUwwd7fcYVSAeMmVpXwcRFmfuQJomebz_C4ySz9VGwftanFbXjm_ZJwaydpR4ns

*this post has been sponsored by Southern Breeze Sweet Tea. As always all opinions are my own.

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