Holiday Beer & Cookie Tasting

DCJrvIjcM3a58sNxSVqSSBc9FEoSc5ocvuMhtN2HfW0Its no secret that Flying Dog is a brew favorite in the Butler Household. When the weather starts to get cold there is nothing better than a flavorful glass of craft beer (i.e. Kujo & Gonzo!) and sitting next to a roaring fire. Last year, Flying Dog Brewery teamed up with Otterbein Cookies with a special 2014 Holiday Collection Beer pack that paired perfectly with various flavors of Otterbein Cookies (I was obsessed with the Roasted Peanut Brown Ale & the Oatmeal Raisin Stout!) This year when Flying Dog released their new Holiday Pack it was a given we would make a date night in of it again! We were able to first taste the 2015 FD Holiday Collection (and Otterbein Cookies incorporated into 4 courses) at the Roasthouse Pub Beer Dinner (recap here) and LOVED it- but could not wait to do our own Beer & Cookie tasting.

The 2015 Flying Dog Holiday Collection (inspired by & paired w/ Otterbein Cookies) includes: 

Citrus Saison w/ Sugar Cookie

Belgian Style Pale Ale w/ Orange White Chocolate Chip

Cranberry IPA w/ Lemon Cookie

Fig & Fennel Stout w/ Oatmeal Rasin Cookie

My favorite brew- the Fig & Fennel Stout

Wade’s favorite brew: Citrus Saison

We both agreed our  favorite cookie was Orange & White Chocolate Chip! I could eat a whole bag of those things! (although it is a tight win against their classic chocolate chip cookies- which were not apart of this year’s beer pairing)

We loved how the Otterbein Cookies came in variety packs this time around, including each type of cookie needed for each FD Holiday Brew. Last year, I searched far and wide for each flavor of cookie.

Hurry and get your Flying Dog Holiday Brew Pack before they are sold out!haV9cDBl7NpvXlf7Pc0obcVe5eRfGjB_uFtGf85_sp8PhoQsA-jCvNMkBWzrOPJVQqw2SNUvKTdqwzgJm7ym8A YcfVauLqrnBGpeQaRdF7SEXEjvalKVJtVI8LsRt9Jj0 0oqXY-PdxCEDg1ownWulbjJx2X967YE1lDzIt7ldaPklDGsVd_a2wtl4C4iUzs61d9osuwenVAvmlam050xdWIB3lxQ60GzOIGDcHoFpiHriY01ESojgsNNdWOa532eV4   


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