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I have always had my hair blonde. At some point during my pre-teen years my hair morphed from a dirty blonde to a lifeless ash color and I would try anything from horrible Sun-in to boxed blonde product to get my blonde locks back.   Once I was older I started to get my hair professionally highlighted but loathed it- waiting a ridiculous amount of time between sessions until my dark roots were almost to the tops of my ears. (I know I know!) This past weekend marked my 27th Birthday and I knew I could not celebrate a new year with my hair looking as it did. So I bit the bullet and  gave my long time friend, Jesye a call and an appointment was made the new salon she works at, DNa Lab.  

I had heard (and see via social media) many great things about DNa Lab and was so pumped for my visit. David & Ana Maria Seifarth are the owners of the salon and you can see their passion for hair from the moment you walk in. The salon is beautiful with an industrial/rustic feel that I adore- originally designed by Industrial Home and with some recent updates by Chisel & Anvil

Jesye dry cut my hair into a long bob (aka lob) before starting my color.  Since I am so bad about going into the salon in a timely fashion, Jesye did a balayage technique to help make my root growth look more natural.  A few glasses of wine (yes wine!) later, I was laying in one of the most comfortable hair washing chairs ever- I think I fell asleep while Jesye was massaging my head…

Jesye taught me how to get her famous curls with a hair wand/how do get a relaxed beachy wave and I have been addicted ever since.

I got the chance to try a bunch of Original Mineral products to help maintain my beautiful new locks- and the Surf Bomb- sea salt spray and the Protein Masque are amazing!  I just love my hair and how great/healthy it feels. I originally doubted that organic color/hair products really made that much of a difference, and I must say now I am a believer! Thank you to Jesye and the rest of the team at DNa Lab for making my first visit a great one! 

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    Thank you for the post about Industrial Home!! Merry Christomas

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      You’re Welcome Chris! Love your style and your store! Merry Christmas!


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