DIY Floating Shelves

So, as many of you know. We took a leap of faith and decided to build a house last year.  We have been in the house a year now (time really flies) and we are slowly but surely buying furniture & decor items. We have  more open wall space in this house so it has been a challenge to fill.  I have drooled over accent wall pieces (like old doors & windows) as well as some adorable statement art pieces-(this one being my favorites-Deer Bed photography from Katherine Wilkoff) but with a tight budget it seemed that everything I loved was out of reach.

In comes in Shanty to Chic. These stylish girls know how to handle power tools! They have amazing furniture/decor plans that help you step by step furnish your home. I found these floating shelves plans and knew they would be perfect for a random space on our family room wall.

The hubs did almost all of the work (thank you babe!) while I stained, sanded and decorated 🙂

Here are some pictures of the process and the finished product. I think they turned out perfectly and these give me an excuse to scope out the local barn sales for more things to put on them! (Cannot wait to hit up Sweet Clover Barn and Chartreuse & Co.!)PyWmzAjfiGxq4qbyWB2miX3IbHdWHmwbsG9jzoTAKto PSIoIQET1GBOo_rFzzQ0QKvpSGrl7qD3RwEl0Cjl458 D_681nBy4D2Vpta7oHDb1wHEarFZvJk1rHBsuqH0A1A dmv8wqmmhui2TtYy7v3MOc14KTFZ8-AGO4BNHVl_Ckc w2lCevQE2DGytARpnScQI09z7Lio3nWJV971DIn2st8 ZZ2vWXGGLL9zos1e6L7hdrQ8nZrhFzOQMQSMuQ5WjJU 7sRXnglgkLYw5lZgBLXAh6mkc7pGsEvIsme_ZiA_ae8 Wz8EMnvK0Pu9kP2xRtezx7z53Brrp2xwfJr8Kdw-xuI 3yT2EhAJ3r7ULTwTe0J_mv2QA_Ytf-2BbtEcxGOsaUMvx0zO7cP4KkWWfXO_CbBq5O2ME3q6lSBz4q48o23cfkdWdvDjmzGr994juBGs0fcSUGzWevlwZAKJkDv9lHqNY DsucFpwBDj4jWN12r6C0vRUd6FfGHi_zBwDfFXtP6Oc uvVelK1Z8fbagl3SxHp7mFxgILny1XN-dlT0RyDImWE tySwdEC5ZeRfpfd0rtCKJV71esGQ-MeQ05WtO41ZFJs 96jTsypmenTAVDNNy-JrRscSZdy1UfVAYrqEKPSS8cQ BblnUenHsSuuUgDIua7f1o9twFGh9glwI8FMjvGka54

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