Hog Island Oyster Company: Marshall, CA

I initially planned on breaking up our California Trip into 4 parts: Los Angeles, Carmel, Yosemite & San Francisco. However, the “San Francisco” leg of our trip included so many pieces/places I decided to divide it into a few more posts. 
It was about a 3 hour smooth drive from Yosemite to San Francisco. I will get more into our time in San Fran City later, but the 2nd day of our stay we headed to Marshall, CA to Hog Island Oyster Co. Farm which is right along Tomales Bay. On the way to Marshall we stopped by Muir Woods (post to come) before taking a BEAUTIFUL drive through Mill Valley and along the coast.  Other than Yosemite, this was another part of our trip that we were most looking forward to.
To shuck your own oysters at Hog Island you must reserve a picnic table for a very small fee. I heard they book quickly, so I made sure to reserve early on. We had the perfect spot overlooking the water and the weather was amazing. In addition to shucking your own oysters in the picnic area, they have a Boat House (yes made from an old boat!) that serves as their oyster bar. At the Boat House,  shucked oysters, BBQed oysters, breads, cheese, charcuterie, beer & wine are served. (you can also BYOB!)
After getting situated, we headed over to the Hog Shack and ordered a dozen Kumamoto Oysters (described as plump, firm, rich, buttery & sweet) and a dozen Medium Sweet Water Oysters (rich, sweet with a slight smoky taste) to start off with. You can read more about Hog Island Oyster Company’s Oysters here.We grabbed some crackers and local brews from the boat house before digging in! 
I loved that grills were available a many of the picnic area tables. Hog Island even provides charcoal & lighting chimneys so you can grill your oysters (or any other item you like) as well as provides fresh lemons, various hot sauces, ice and all the tools you need to shuck your oysters. Perfect for visiting travelers!
We were envious of the family next to us who had a full on feast which included; grilled chicken, baked potatoes (on the grill), grilled corn, grilled oysters and the list goes on. Wade and I kicked ourselves for not stopping at the grocery store before coming. Now we know for next time!
I tried my hand at shucking and was able to get a limited amount open (and when I say limited I mean I was able to open one. ONE!) The Hubs was able to open them like it was nothing so he was the designated shucker. We decided to grill some of the oysters which were delicious, it was hard to choose whether we like the fresh or the grilled ones better but if we had to chose it would be the raw oysters! We caved and ended up ordering some more brews and another dozen Sweet Water Oysters before cleaning up and wondering around the grounds. We just loved how friendly and helpful all the employees were. Cannot wait to come back on our next visit to Northern California!
Thanks Hog Island Oyster Company for the wonderful and memorable experience!


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