Bash Box

As mentioned here, we finished up at Great Frogs Winery for part 1 of Nicole’s Bachelorette celebration. We all headed back to the Best Western Annapolis to hang before getting ready for dinner and going out on the town.  
Rewind to a few weeks previously, when Courtney from Bashelorette sent me a Bash Box to bring along to Nicole’s celebration. I was so surprised when I opened the sleek black box (complemented with pink bow)  and saw it was full of bachelorette party must haves for a fun but classy event! The box includes items such as tiara + Bride sash, pink straws, balloons, napkins, cups, shot glasses and much more. My favorite items were the cute coasters and the pink bottle/wine opener. (because someone is bound to forget to bring one!) The box also included a pouch of glitter for a “throw some glitter make it rain” picture. So adorable!
Any who.. back to the hotel. We all played card games for a bit and gave Nicole her decorations she would be wearing for the night. (she was decked out people!) Kim, Nicole’s MOH, (and sister) made little goodie bags from the contents of the bash box which everyone loved. (chapstick, coasters and adorable temporary tattoos!) Erica made everyone some delicious shooters so we could all cheers to the bride before going back to our rooms to get ready to go out.
We all congregated back in Nicole’s suite for more drinks and photo booth time before grabbing Ubers (I am still amazed by how awesome Uber is guys!) and headed to O’Brien’s Restaurant in Downtown Annapolis.  After dinner we finished off the night at Pusser’s Bar which is beautiful and right on the water! What a fun time celebrating the Bride to be! We love you Nicole!

** This is a sponsored post. A Bashbox was sent to me for review
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