A Navy & Yellow Bridal Shower

I attended a beautiful and lively Bridal Shower a few weeks ago in celebration of my dear friend Nicole’s upcoming nuptials at the end of September.  It was held at a local community center and transformed into a gorgeous and personal affair.  The party planners went with Nicole’s wedding colors and incorporated navy & yellow throughout the venue.

What I loved most about Nicole’s shower (in addition to the mimosa bar of course) were all the personal details with fun games to entertain the guest. With a large group of ladies to keep engaged, I was shocked at how well these activities kept everyone’s attention!

Who Said It?: Place pictures of the Bride & Groom on a hung ribbon with clothes pins. Have guests write a unique memory on the back of the picture, without signing your name. Afterwards, have the Bride choose a few photos and read the memory on the back of the picture and guess who said it! If they guess correctly you win a prize. This one is so fun because it usually leads to some (PG) storytelling.

The Newly Wed Game: Pre record the Groom’s answers to 10+ questions about the Bride and their relationship. Such as where was your first kiss? What is your favorite thing about ___? Read the question aloud to the audience and have the Bride try to guess what the Groom’s response will be. Then play the clip to see if she was right! This is one will keep your guests entertained for sure and is fun for all!

Bride Bingo: Create a blank bingo sheet and have guests try to guess what items the bride will receive. The first one (or have multiple rounds to keep things fun) to get BINGO receives a prize.

Check out more of how Nicole’s Family and Bridesmaids decorated and entertained below! What a great time and I cannot wait to help celebrate the wonderful couple so soon! You can check out recaps of Nicole’s Bachelorette Party in Annapolis, MD here and here

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