Amy’s Baby Shower

One of my best friends, Amy,  is having a baby girl Nora in May and I could not be more excited. A few weekends ago was her baby shower, hosted by her lovely Mother in-law and it was a blast.  I walked into chocolate fondue! (does it get any better than that!?) 
We had a great time chatting it up during lunch and played a few games before opening up presents; the clothes pin game and a timed Price is Right spin off. For the clothes pin game we were each given a pink clothes pin to wear and were told if we were caught saying the words “baby” or  “Nora” we had to give up our clothes pin. At the end, whoever had the most clothes pins received a prize. 
For the price is right we had a few minutes to guess the price of each baby item. Whoever was closest in overall price won. Needless to say I was way off.

Enjoy a few pictures for Amy’s shower below!
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