Leprechaun Luau IV

I still remember about 3 years ago being at a bar in Downtown Frederick and seeing a swarm of people come in dressed in green with leis and grass skirts. I asked them where they came from and they said the Leprechaun Luau. The Lep a-what-ah? They explained to me that basically its an amazing extravaganza hosted by {The Frederick Rotary Club} with food, music and booze and it was Saint Paddy’s Day + Luau themed. Needless to say I was intrigued and was dying to go the next year. Unfortunately, life got in the way and 2 years passed; however this year I was destined to make it happen. I persuaded some of my good friends {Casey, Dan, Diane & Ohshang} to come with and it made for an amazing time. 

Here is the low down on the Leprachaun Luau:

Tickets are $50/person. Yes some of you may have sticker shock but you get your moneys worth! + it  helps support the Rotary Club who help make Frederick an even more amazing place to live!

Admission included the following (all you care to have!):
The Food!
-Oysters on the half shell
-Fried Oysters
-Coconut Shrimp
-Crab Soup
-Mrs. Murphy’s Clam Chowder (or maybe it was oyster.. whatever it was it wad delicious)
– Exploded Potatoes from {Frisco’s}
-Corned Beef Brisket + BBQ Turkey + Fixins
-Marina Greens Salad
– Otterbien cookies (I die over the chocolate chip!)
– BRUSTER’S ICE CREAM STAND! (I indulged in the Irish Cream Flavor. TO DIE FOR)
 The Drinks!
-Flying Dog (I was Enjoying the Irish Red Ale, Pearl Necklace and the Easy IPA)
-Margaritas (many flavors to choose from like strawberry & mango!)

For entertainment we had bands and music galor. I especially loved

Music was amazing!  I was getting down to {The Fuzzy Match Band!}

Photobooth with Props that we had a little too much fun with….
A pretty sweet souvenir glass…

Bottom line. We all had an amazing time. Thank you so so much to The Rotary Club for throwing such an awesome party. I cannot wait to attend next year! I am go grateful to live in a town that has such fun events {like this, this and this}

Check out some pics below of our evening. {Sorry for the picture quality. No way was I bringing my nice camera.. so phone it was!}

{Wade winning the king of the LepLul} 
{photobooth ridiculousness}
 {Coconut Shrimp}
{Oyster Shucking}
 {Ran into Lynsie and her friend!}
 {Clam Chowder}
 {Down the hatch!}
{Margarita in my souvenir glass!}
{The ladies tending to the wine bar}
{The Spread}
{Diane, Casey and I}
{Otterbein cookie + Irish Cream Brusters}
{Ohshang & Wade}
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