The Wedding Chronicles: Ceremony Pics!

Trinity Lutheran Church in Hagerstown, MD holds a special place in my heart. Not only is it the place where Wade and I tied the knot; but my Family have been attendees of the Church for a long time. To start, my Grandfather, {along with his 3 brothers and parents} attended Trinity his whole life. I image him  running the Church’s huge hallways and getting into all sorts of mischief. 
Once my Grandfather married my Grandmother and they had my Aunt and Mother, Trinity gained a few new members. 
My Mother and Father were married at Trinity and later on I was baptized there.  
Here are some shots of our ceremony at the beautiful Trinity Lutheran Church. All photos are by {Anna Kerns Photography} Hope you enjoy!

Since our Photographer has been with us girls all morning; Anna took some shots of Wade in his spiffy suit. I just love these.  I had given Wade an antique fishing rod tie clip and bass cuff links as his engagement present and I think it looked great with his outfit.
{Chalkboard by Lisa Carr}
Ashley went outside to deliver my present to Wade and grab mine from him. I was able to snag a Flying Dog bar sign for Wade. Wade loves Flying Dog beer so it was the perfect gift. Months after I had bought the sign and stored it at my parents’ house; Wade and I were in a liquor store and Wade said how much he loved the Flying Dog sign. It took everything in me not to spill the beans that I had bought him one!
Wade gave me a gold monogrammed necklace with my new initials. It was perfect.

{Sign painted by Lisa Carr}
{Ceremony programs made by Wade & I- We burnt each individual end to look like an old map}
{Vintage hankies for the Ladies}

Before the ceremony, Wade and I did a first touch. We are pretty traditional and didn’t want Wade to see me before the ceremony; however we wanted to be with each other. Wade was blindfolded outside with his favorite bandana (American Flag pattern) and I was able to come outside for a few and be with him. It was nice being able to talk and calm our nerves before the festivities began.
 Now it was time for the ceremony to start. I remember being excited and anxious all at once. I kept worrying if I would trip, stutter, throw up, etc.  Cha Cha (our dog) was the flower girl. We dressed her up in a mint tutu and she was lead down the aisle by my Aunt Cindy.
My Daddy lead me down the aisle and gave me away which was enough to make me bawl. 
We had my cousin/Godfather – Bunny and Wade’s Aunt Dot do some readings (Colossians 3 12-17 and 1 Corinthians 13). Pastor Greg preached a great sermon and before we knew it we were married!
{Just Married decal made by Diane!}
 {Just Married Tin Cans- Made my Moi!}
Off we went to the Mathwig Estate Barn for our Reception. Pastor Greg gave an amazing service and it was everything Wade and I imagined. We had a 30 minute drive to the reception. It was great to have some time alone and to reflect on the day thus far.
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