The Wedding Chronicles: Wedding Day Beauty- Jordan K Winn & Co.

Getting my make-up and hair done professionally for our big day was something I did not really think about at the beginning of the wedding planning process. I have some extremely talented friends (shout to Jesye and Lisa!) who are amazing at hair/makeup and we were on a tight budget- my friends doing my hair and make-up seemed like an easy way to save some money. However after thinking about it and wanting my talented friends to enjoy my day as well and not be stressed/in business mode (and also finding out that {Jordan K Winn & Co.} does airbrush!) I decided to make the investment and I am so glad I did.

I went to the {JKW & Co.} studio in April for my wedding day beauty trial and met the wonderful Laura. We spend a few minutes scoping out my Pinterest page which was full of ideas. Laura helped narrow down my look and she started her magic!

We tried two different looks but the this one was my fav! Laura snapped a few photos to refer to later, gave me a cute little goodie bag full of glam products and off I went to my parents house to show my Mom/ wipe off all my fabulous makeup. (I did not want Wade to see yet!- and yes it felt like a mortal sin to get rid of my glam so quickly)

I also decided to do a custom spray tan with Jordan (Thanks Amy for the bridal shower gift card!) I was so afraid I was going to look orange as I had never done a spray tan before. (having previously worked in a tanning salon- I was scarred from seeing clients get spray tans) Jordan reassured me that my tan would look amazing and it DID! With the long winter/cold spring we had I did not get my normal natural tan I had been expecting and I for sure did not want to look pasty white on my wedding day- let along have any crazy tan lines that still lingered! I went the Wednesday afternoon before our big day and the tan turned the perfect shade right on time for Friday night’s rehearsal dinner and of course our wedding the next day. If you are debating getting a spray tan with JKW… do it! You will not regret it.
{Trial Hair}
{Trial Hair}
{Trial Makeup}

Fast forward to our wedding day. All my maids and I spent the night at an amazing log home near our venue. (more on pre-ceremony & accessories in a later post) Laura and her glam squad (Terra & Jordan) arrived early to set everything up and get us all pumped up. 

I excepted everything to be rushed but it was anything but. The team had allotted plenty of time to do each girl and even stuck around until we were about ready to leave for touch ups to make sure everything was perfect.

Laura and the squad made us feel like stars.  I felt 100% confident that I looked my best.

My hair and make-up lasted all day and night- just as Laura had said it would. (I will admit I was worried if it would with all the tears, veil going on/off and movement from dancing) Check out the below pics that shows how my look lasted from the morning until late into the night.

A HUGE thank you to Jordan K Winn & Co., Laura, Terra and Jordan for everything! Ladies- Make sure to book your services with JKW & Co. early! She books up fast! I booked services the August before our wedding and she was almost booked! (our wedding was in May) They are that good!

  {Photo by Anna Kerns Photography}


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