The Wedding Chronicles: Bridal Shower

At the beginning of April my Mother, MOH and Maids threw a beautiful bridal shower for me. I was blown away by how special they all made me feel and how flawless and gorgeous everything turned out. I had a blast and I thank them and my Aunty Cindy and Cousin Laura for all of their hard work. Most importantly thank you to my Mother who slaved away for weeks to make this day so memorable for me.  
My bridal shower day was full of love, laughter, classy decor and FOOD- just how I like it! One of my favorite aspects about the shower was the make your own mimosas table. The entire layout from the gold cart holding the glasses to the pink punch looked amazing. The mimosa bar was definitely a hit! 

My MOH and I

Games: To entertain everyone we played a few games of course. First off was more of an activity- The Newly Wed Game! Ashley quickly videotaped Wade answering questions about out relationship over the years and I was to repeat. I think I got a decent amount correct. I was sweating bullets and was so afraid I would get the questions wrong. Like it mattered! Haha!

Playing the newly wed game- notice Wade on the screen
I was relieved to answer many of the questions correctly!
Allie and I
Delta Gamma! My Little and Big sister 🙂
The Apps: For some snacks we had spinach dip, Casey’s famous buffalo chicken dip,  veggies & dip, mozzarella/basil/tomato bites & cucumber yogurt shrimp bites thanks to Lisa! My Mom decorated the food table with my the little cherub vase my Grandmother always used.

For lunch my Mom and Dad prepared some awesome food. We had fresh tossed salad, make your own country ham sandwiches, fresh fruit, pecan pumpkin muffins and my all time favorite thing- breakfast casserole. My Mother only usually make this bread/egg/sausage/5 various cheese dish for Christmas morning. I begged for her to make it. It is so delicious! 

Other activities/games consisted of a date night basket. Casey cut out little hearts and guests were to write down various date night ideas for Wade and I to partake in. We also played the purse game! Where guests were given a sheet of paper with various items commonly (or not so commonly) found in a woman’s purse. The more uncommon/shameful items were given a higher point value. The top three girls with the highest score got a goodie back! Thank you Ashley for putting that together!

Date night ideas

Next it was time to open up presents! Casey had this awesome idea to play gift bingo to entertain everyone while they watched me open gifts. Before I started- each guest filled in each square with a present idea of items they believed I would receive and would mark off as I opened gifts. Get Bingo and you receive a prize! Not to sound like I am bragging but there were SOO many gifts! I was blown away but the generosity of everyone! You guys rock! I was so honored to recieve 2 family heirloom gifts. 1 from Wade’s Mother who gave me her Mother’s crystal bowl she used every Thanksgiving to hold the cranberry sauce (I guess I need to learn a cranberry sauce recipe!) and a Trinity Lutheran Church (the church we are getting married in) plate that was owned by my Great Grandmother Shifler from my cousin Beth. Beth also gave me one of the beloved Trinity Lutheran Church stained glass angels that the church gave to all the members years ago when some of the old stained glass needed to be replaced. I loved them!

I got the blue box!
Love my Tiffany’s candlestick holders! Thanks Laura!
My mini veil
Butler window pane- c/o Diane!

One of my favorite gifts c/o Casey!

The dessert: My Aunty Cindy was kind enough to bring one of the most delicious cakes I have ever had! I am guessing here but i’d say it was a cross between a vanilla, pineapple and coconut cake. It was so fresh! My cousin Laura made homemade tasty cakes and a fruit trifle that was to die for! My mother made her famous space shuttle brownies filled with caramel and chocolate chips! Needless to say I had a sugar high afterward!

{VT Roomies!}
{Crystal and I}

{Crystal, Casey & Maria}


{The three sisters! Wade’s Great Aunt Ruby, Aunt Pat & Grandma Shirley!}
{Wade’s Cousin Kathy & Aunt Dot}

{Maggie, Sara, Jessica & Amy}

{Jessica, Maggie, Amy}
{Amy & Sara}

{Cousins Stavroula & Evanthia}
{Brittany, Diane, Casey, Lisa, Nicole, Maria, Angie}
{Wade’s Aunt Dot and Mother}

{The women in my family- minus Grandma- Mommy, Aunt Cindy, Laura & Lee}

{Nikki & I}

{57 days until she’s Mrs. Butler sign thanks to Lisa}

Probably my favorite detail about the Shower were the favors! We gave out the cutest succulents of various varieties to everyone with little thank you tags tied with twine. Ashley and I were up late the night before tying the tags on for my Mom- a memory I will remember forever. Lisa did this chalkboard as well as a welcome sign- I just LOVE it 🙂 

{My Maids and I- the sun was in my eyes- could you tell?}
{My Mommy and I}

After everyone left- Andrea my {my random roomie freshmen year and picked roomie Junior & Senior year since we fell in love} has an amazing blog {check it out here } and wanted to do a shoot at my parents house. She was playing with her camera to get the lighting just right and took this amazing shot of my MOH. Isn’t she beautiful!? Thank you so much Ashley for being so awesome and pulling this together even though you are 2 1/2 hours away in Richmond, VA!

Thank you to all that came! I had such a great time and cannot wait to see all of you so soon on the big day! A huge thank you to Andrea and my Aunt Cindy for taking these pictures for me they all turned out great!
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