The Wedding Chronicles: Marriage License+ Celebrating at Dan’s Pub!

A few Friday’s ago Wade and I decided to go get our marriage license. Many couples wait until right before their wedding to obtain their license but Wade and I did a little research and found out that Maryland’s license is valid for 6 months. Since we only saw ourselves getting busier and busier as our wedding date gets closer we decided why not get it now. In Maryland you have to go to the courthouse in the county you are getting married in, so off to the Washington County Courthouse in Hagerstown we went.

We paid $60 and filled out some paperwork. We were then asked to raise our right hands. {both of us thought “wait we aren’t getting married right now are we?!} And just like that we were done!

For some reason we felt so excited, everything felt so real. Although our license is not valid until our Pastor signs it on 5/31/14, we are one step closer to being Mr. & Mrs!

To celebrate we decided to go to this local pub in Boonsboro, MD called Dan’s Pub. We wanted to hand deliver our invitation to my Grandmother who lives in the nursing home right near the pub.  We went and hung out with Grandma a bit before heading to Dan’s Pub.
 We were very impressed with the beer selections, food, service and atmosphere at Dan’s and would definitely go back! We shared a crab dip which was yummy and I ordered a Philly steak and cheese sandwich {with chipotle mayo- my fav!]. It was Delish! Wade ordered another kind of sandwich but with sweet potato fries! I had a few of course.

 We had such a great time celebrating getting our marriage license and trying out a new place! Less than 8 weeks until the big day!

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