DIY Wedding Chalkboards

My fiance has an ongoing joke with me about using chalkboards in our wedding. Whenever we go antique/thrift shopping for vintage wedding finds I always seem to walk away with another big gold frame to ultimately make a chalkboard sign. It is true… our wedding will consist of a ton of signs but I think it will be awesome.

If you know me, you know my handwriting is that of a five year old boy. My penmanship is something I have always wished I was better at. I am pretty sure that is what made fancy wedding signs so appealing to me. After doing some research on the fabulous world wide web, I found a way transpose beautiful fonts onto chalkboards! This was a major win for me as I was going to rely on one of my great friends and bridesmaids, Lisa to do them. {BTW Lisa is an amazing artist and graphic designer..I bet she is happy I found this little trick- don’t worry Lisa there is still plenty I need your artistic help with! Haha!} 

Anyways- After trying out various methods to transpose fonts onto chalkboards the following technique was the easiest and turned out the best I think!

Here is what you do from making the chalkboard frame to transposing:

1) Find an empty frame. {Go to thrift stores and antique emporiums} It does not matter if it is not the color you want.. Metallic spray paint can do wonders! The more ornate the better!

2) Measure the empty space of the frame and cut a piece of plywood to size.

3) Paint the wood with chalkboard paint. Make sure your put at least two layers on and that your last coat has brush strokes all in the same direction.

4) Let dry… AWHILE! 

5) While drying go online and search for free fonts on Pinterest. I like vintage and scripty prints the best! 

6) After getting the name of the font off of Pinterest- Head on over to where they have TONS of free fonts to choose from all categorized. Because there are so many- I like to check out Pinterest first to make it a little less time consuming. Enter font name once at and download & install font.

7) Type out wording you want in word. Play around with different fonts and sizes to see which fonts look best with which words. I like to make each word {or grouping of words} different. My favorite fonts to use thus far are ‘Circus’ & ‘Janda Script’

8) Print and cut our each word. You may need to pay around with the sizes to make them fit.

9) On the BACK of each cut out color with chalk.

10)  Place word on chalkboard with font facing up and chalk facing towards the chalkboard.

11) Take a pen/pencil and trace the font. Make sure to trace over all of the black part of the font. 

12) Slowly pull back the paper to make sure all of the chalk was transposed and is visible. If a part is missing simply lay back down and apply pressure to that area with your pen.

13) Pull away paper and you now should be able to see the word in its fancy font!

14) Shake up a chalkboard marker. {Hint you can search for a 40% off coupon to Michaels and use towards a pack of Chalkboard Markers.. I got 4 for $7!}

15) Carefully color overtop of the chalk with the chalkboard marker. 

16) Let dry and admire the amazingness! 

17) Move onto the next word until finished!

I hope this helps other brides {or other party planners!} create beautiful signs to personalize their special day!

 Have fun!
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