The Wedding Chronicles: Transportation

Unless you are extremely privileged, every Bride needs to make cuts when it comes to her wedding. Of course there are the types of cuts such as settling for chicken versus a seafood option and a normal sized cake for a gigantic ten tiered one.  I have made many cuts (despite what my Mother thinks) and transportation had been one of them.

I always thought I would have a limo to and from my wedding, but when the time came to decide on booking, the limo got the boot. Because we have such a large wedding party that meant a larger limo. We are also having our ceremony and reception in two seperate locations {and about 30 mins away I might add} which adds more time and money to the situation. Then there was the issue that Wade and I are going the old fashioned route and do not want to see eachother before the wedding which would mean separate limos for myself and my girls and him and his guys. It just got too complicated!

In the end we decided to simply have a shuttle take us, bridal party and hotel guests back to the hotel at the end of the night.  We are swaying back and forth between an 11-1am window or the 12-2am window. We are going to wait and see how many of our friends versus family get rooms at the hotel to see how late we should make the shuttle pick up. 

I called around and found that A Touch of Class Limousines had the best deal for a 2 hour shuttle van. They only asked 1/2 down now and will charge the rest soon before the wedding. They also are allowing us to hold off on giving them the official 2 hour pick up time until a few days before the wedding which is nice.

As far as Wade and I go before the reception… We will be riding from the church to the reception in his fancy Ford Pickup w/ decorations of course!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the tin cans that 
we will drag behind us as we drive away to our reception!

All I did was google vintage floral wallpaper, increased the size of the picture in word and printed out on my printer. Then simply hot glued onto clean soup cans and wrote on them with sharpie! Viola! 
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  • Reply Sabra Divis Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    May is coming fast, and it’s good to see that your plan is going well, though your limo plan is still in the works. It’s heartbreaking that it didn’t work out. It’s great to have one handy, especially if you plan to go for the classic effect it adds for when you arrive at the church for your wedding. But anyway, things happen for a reason, and thinking of how complicated it would be to arrange the transportation for you and your hubby's friends, it seems better this way, right? I hope everything is doing great with your planning.


  • Reply Lace and Grace Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    Hi there Sabra- Thanks for visiting my little neck of the woods (web!). Yes, It would be great to have a limo to feel super glamorous and all that jazz however I am definitely looking on the bright side that now my fiance and I can spend the ride alone in his truck from the church to the reception! One of the main things I have read that Brides wish they had done differently on their big day was take some time to just be alone and soak in the day. Now the boy and I will have a wonderful 35 mins to sit in the car and just be together alone! 🙂

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