Quick Trip to NYC

This past weekend I went with one of my best friends, Amy, to New York City to find her wedding dress! Her awesome Parents & brother Scott reside in Brooklyn and her Sister, Katie, in Queens so it was only fitting that we make the trek North. I was so happy, honored & excited when Amy asked me to go along with her for the adventure.

Amy’s fiance dropped us off at the bus stop Friday afternoon and we made it to NYC very quickly. {for once ahead of schedule!} We brought snacks and wine {of course} for the drive and looked at a bunch of wedding gown magazines to get an idea of what Amy was looking for.
When we arrived, Amy’s Mom, Sister and Brother were waiting for us and we walked a few blocks to Brother Jimmy’s BBQ restaurant. Amy, Katie and I ordered the Swamp Water which was a concoction of sugar and liquor and came in a HUGE fishbowl with a ton of big straws.
I ordered a delicious brisket pressed sandwich.  After the fishbowl was done I ordered an amazing gingerbeer cocktail that was

We had fun hanging out and what not before making the long journey by foot and subway to the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn.
The next morning came. Amy and I walked and got our usual coffees and it was nice to see the streets quiet for once and the amazing view of the Verrazano Bridge.

All the girls then headed off on foot to a place called Bridal Dreams. Our appt was at 10am. We arrive and the place was closed without a soul in sight. Finally at 10:30 a lady appeared and we went inside like made women throwing Amy into dress after dress. We had no time to spare as we had to leave for our next appointment. She found 2 that were in the running and off we went to the next shop, Lotus.

Lotus reminded me a lot of the boutiques in Frederick. Some more pricey gowns but others more budget friendly. I loved the way this one was decorated. She found one she was pretty fond of here as well.

We then took the train into the city and grabbed some sandwiches at a corner cafe quickly. Into David’s Bridal we went and it was of course a LOT bigger than the one in Hagerstown near us. Time ran out and we had to run to her final appointment about 30 mins away. Amy was finding a lot of dresses she liked but there were still many more she wanted to try, so we made an appointment for later in the day.
We took the subway to Lovely which was AMAZING! I was in shock with how pretty it was inside’ definitely the type of shop you think of when you think of bridal gown boutique in the heart of Manhattan. There were a few dresses in Amy’s budget but the rest were very very very upscale and modern. We finished up the appointment and we headed back to David’s Bridal. Although we did not find any winners at Lovely it was a great experience and so fun to see all the beautiful and quirky gowns in their store.

Amy’s Dad and Brother met up with us towards the end of Amy’s appointment and got to see what she chose! She looked so pretty and will look even more beautiful on her big day!

After she bough her dress the whole fam and I headed to Rolf’s. Rolf’s was a German place that was DECKED out in Christmas decor from ceiling to floor and then some! The place was pretty packed but we managed to squeeze into a table in the back.
I ordered a huge Pilsner & the smoked brat w/ red cabbage and the best mashed potatoes I have had in a long time {not to top my Mother’s garlic mashed potatoes at Christmas of course!}

After dinner we were pooped and were out like a light! We woke up fairly early the next morning and headed home.

Thanks for let me tag alone Amy, thanks to Katie for showing us around and to Mr. & Mrs. Fitzgerald for being amazing hosts!
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