Ocean City Beach Bums

Last weekend my fiancé and I headed yet again to Ocean City for a long weekend.  We always try to go on short trips to the beach at least twice a summer.  We had such a blast and could not have asked for more perfect weather. We decided that this trip would be a trip of trying new places to eat and drink and kind of stray away from our normal OCMD rituals.
We arrived at the beach around 10am and tried to check in at our usual place- the Sahara Motel which has proven to be the cheapest hotel with the best location (19th st) without being dirty.  For once we could not check in when we arrived, so we decided to head to the beach to take advantage of the amazing weather.
After a few hours of taking some dips in the ocean, napping on the beach and reading our books; Wade and I decided to try and check in (which we could!), get refreshed and take a walk on the boardwalk.
We went into a bunch of shops then hit our spot- Hammerheads! We took advantage of their 24oz $3.00 Natty lights, got some yummy frozen drinks {OC Tea and Sex on the Boardwalk to be exact-with snazzy drink ornaments to jazz it up} and shared pork tacos with cilantro slaw.
A walk on the beach was needed after. Shortly after the walk began we ran into our good friend Matt and chatted for a bit.
After that we hit Shorebilly’s Brewing Company to have a yummy ‘Downtown Sugar Brown’ beer served in mason jars. I love that place!
We decided it was time for dinner and picked a new place to try right on the boardwalk, Brass Balls Saloon. The place was packed but we were able to get a prime seat right on the edge of the boardwalk looking out to the ocean.
Wade and I ordered some beers and the most amazing crap dip I have ever had and for the best price! This dip had HUGE lumps of crab in it versus that shredded stuff. It was delicious!
For dinner it was burgers! I ordered once with jalapeno cheese, avocado, bacon and a delish chipotle mayo.  It came with waffle fries which were better than Chick-fil-a’s fries! {Which is saying a lot in my opinion!} They were perfectly crispy and seasoned.
For dessert, we decided to share an adult cherry limeade. It was super tart but very tasty! Not only were we impressed by the food, the atmosphere was great and our waitress was so attentive and nice. We would def go back!
After dinner I was down for the count.  The plan was to go back to the room and take a short nap then head down the street to Fish Tales to meet Matt and Kelly for some grapefruit crushes.. however a nap at 7:30pm ended up with us waking up at 7am the next morning.. yep.. 11.5 hours of sleep.  Some would say we were sleeping our vacation away but I say it was complete relaxation and rejuvination! When trying to sleep in at home I always feel bad for being lazy-like there are so many things around the house to clean and errands to run.
Anyways- the next morning we were stunned to find out how long we slept but got up and started our day with Dunkin Donuts coffee and flatbread sandwiches on the boardwalk.  After breakfast we walked along the beach looking for seashells all the way to 37th street to check out the place we wanted to try later that day- Coconuts.  The walk wasn’t too bad and the place looked awesome.
We then hit the beach again, despite the long sleep, napping once again took place, along with battling waves and finishing our books! {Wade = Happy, Happy, Happy Me= This is Where I Leave You}
After we had enough sun we headed to Harborside Grill which was right over the OC bridge.  It was our first time there and we were presently surprised. I ordered their famous orange crush and their jumbo crab cake sandwich! Let me tell you that crab cake was huge and FULL of meat. Delicious! After lunch we ordered some Summer Shandy’s and sat on the docks and watched all the boats go by, literally in silence for about an hour. It was extremely peaceful.

After lunch we went back to the beach to soak up some rays before walking to Coconuts for their 2 for 1 happy hour! We started off with the coconut crush and it was delicious! Next the Pineapple crush which was equally as yummy!  We decided to get a snack and ordered the wasabi shrimp and crab cake bites. Think crab dip with shrimp and a spicy wasabi kick all in a deep fried ball of goodness! They were so unique and amazing! They had a sesame ginger dipping sauce that was perfect with it.  I was sad there were only 6 of them!

Next was a cherry limeade crush which was almost identical to the one we had the night before at Brass Balls.  To end the HH we finished off with a Bud Light before making the trek back to the hotel along the beach!

{Coconut Crush}
{Pineapple Crush}
{Cherry Limeade Crush}
{Wasabi Shrimp and Crab bites!}
We got ready and drank some bud light limes on the balcony before heading to the bus stop for Macky’s! We decided we would actually try Macky’s food for once versus only their booze.

We sat right on the bay beach and ordered some Natty’s and the most amazing dip cold dip I have ever had- Smoked Mahi Mahi dip! This baby was out of this world! We also ordered the jerk chicken starter which was so so.

We headed back to the bus and rode to the very tip of the boardwalk and walked around for a bit.  I have not been to the very beginning of the boardwalk since I was little I think. It was chaotic but nice all at the same time.  Wade and I ordered a oreo milkshake to share which hit the spot.

We were so sleepy after walking all the way back we called it night.

The next day we woke up and packed up the car. We headed to the SkipJack Grill for our first sit down breakfast we have had at the beach together.  I knew the place was great because I came here back in high school with the Clingans and their fam! We ordered the deluxe breakfast platter and sipped darn good coffee while watching the waves. It was really nice.

  After breakfast we laid out on the beach for a few hours and soak up the last bits of summer.  Although this trip was awesome I couldn’t help but be sad to leave.  Next year will be very special with all the wedding festivities and traveling we will do but I do not think we will be able to swing the beach next year. One would say why do we care because we are going to Costa Rica, but we will definitely miss our Ocean City!

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