The Wedding Chronicles: Planning our Honeymoon

 Now to talk about the honeymoon! My friend Kelsey from work has this amazing travel agent company she uses out in Colorado, Darley Travel LLC. Check out their website here.  Our travel agent, Morgan has been awesome in helping us plan our dream honeymoon trip! When Wade and I were trying to figure out which part of the world we wanted to go it was not that hard. Wade has not been more south than VA, more west than WV and more north than NYC so obtaining a passport is a must.  I am so excited for him to be able to travel outside the country! Wade only had one request- that we were right on the beach and their were hammocks.  Not to sound like a snob but I have done the whole Caribbean/Virgin Island thing and wanted to go somewhere I had never been and somewhere exotic with adventure but still allowed time for relaxation and quality time.
Costa Rica has always been my top ten list of places I want to go before I die. {others being Italy, Greece {done}, Egypt, Africa, France, Ireland, Spain, Brazil,  Thailand, Morocco and Russia} and why not get started with our honeymoon!
Right off the bat, Morgan recommended Ylang Ylang resort near the town of Montezuma on the Nicoya Peninsula. Check out their website {here} Morgan had actually stayed at Ylang Ylang for 6 months and knew the area very well.  From the beginning I thought this place was perfect! She kept sending us more and more options of places to stay in Costa Rica and also sent us wonderful places in Grenada {love love loved!}, Panama and Mexico so we could keep our options open.  A lot of them were resorts that were just too big and crowded for our liking but a few really had us and made the decision a tough one. 
Ylang Ylang is a small resort with private, A/C’d  bungalow’s right on the beach.  The decorations in the rooms are not out of the world compared to some of the other places in Grenada and Costa Rica that we had seen but it was air conditioned which gave it major points.  The view however could not be beat! We plan on being on the beach most of the time anyways!
 We also loved the grounds of Ylang Ylang! They have a nice restaurant that also has outdoor dining that overlooks the beach/ocean and is open for breakfast, lunch & dinner.  The bar also is open long hours with great tropical drink specials! Another plus for Ylang Ylang was that breakfast and dinners were included in our price.  All the other places we looked at most only included breakfast.  It is also a bonus that the food at the Ylang Ylang website is rates pretty high on Trip Adviser. For lunch we plan on trying out some of the top rated places in the town of Montezuma {many of which have their patios/outdoor dining right on the beach!}
There are no roads that lead to Ylang Ylang. The only way to get to it is to walk along the beach.  The town of Montezuma {which is a laid back surfer type small town} is only about a 10 min walk along the beach.  I loved this considering we could wonder into town for happy hour, grab lunch and look at local shops anytime we want without having to wait for a taxi/driver.  Also Morgan told us of this bar- Chico’s that is open 24/7 and has great drink prices.  She also suggested we grab some rum and beers for our room and will be sending us recipes to make great tropical drinks ourselves for cheap!
Also- there are many hiking trails and famous waterfalls near the resort that we can always before beaching it up! On our list: The famous El Chorro Waterfall.  This is one of seven waterfalls in the world that falls directly into the ocean.  It is about a 1 1/2 hike each way so time consuming but definitely doable! We actually may go on horseback to cut down on time and also see more of the area.
The Piedra Colorado River is only a 5 minute walk from Ylang Ylang and looks amazing with natural shady swimming pools and waterfalls!
The Montezuma Waterfalls are also on our list which from what I gathered is a huge 3 tiered waterfall with a large swimming pool at the bottom, which means cliff jumping!
Ylang Ylang also has an amazing pool with a mock waterfall and hammocks amongst the lounge chairs! Love it!

Here are some more pics that I just had to share with everyone!
Wade and I plan to go on a few planned excursions while on our honeymoon.  
Ziplining through the jungle is my top thing I want to do, and at $40 a person you can’t go wrong! 
We will also probably be taking a day trip to the famous  Island of Tortuga! The trip is $110 total but includes the 50 minute boat ride to and from the island with drinks, BBQ lunch and snorkeling gear! The boat drops you off and you get to lounge and explore the island however you wish.

We also were thinking about renting an ATV and going to the neighboring town of Santa Teresa to grab a late lunch and watch the sunset!
On our maybe list is taking a beach/jungle horseback riding trip, sportfishing and a private dinner on the beach.
Even though it is 10 months away I could not be more excited for our honeymoon and to work with Morgan on all the details of flight info, transportation {the bummer is that it is a 5 hour journey from the San Jose airport to the resort!} and all the little extras that will make our honeymoon extra special.

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