The Wedding Chronicles: Asking Bridesmaids: Ashley!!

Last but not least, I asked my best friend Ashley to be my Maid of Honor.  I met Ashley through my random roommate in the dorms Freshmen year, Andrea.  I was so lucky to be paired with an awesome random roommate and the fact that she had awesome friends from home was definitely a  plus! {Ashley being one of them!} Throughout Freshmen year Ashley and I seemed to grow closer and closer.  She had a way to make even the boring rainy days into an adventure and really could light up the room just by walking in.  We decided to get an apartment together Sophomore year which was super fun and brought us closer.  Junior and Senior year Allie, Andrea, Ashley and I all moved in together into a 4 bedroom apartment and had the time of our lives! 
Do you ever just have someone that gets you? Ashley gets me completely, it is kind of creepy at times but it is a special thing.  I feel a certain kind of connection with her that is completely different than any other of my friends.  Ashley is the type of person I strive to be: care free, happy, caring, lover of life and above all else positive.  She is always finding the best in a situation and looking for the good in people, which is hard to find now-a-days.  
I knew it would be tough to ask her to be my Maid of Honor since she lives in Richmond.  I had been in contact with her cousin, sisters and mother to somehow figure out how to get her back into the area.  I still remember the first time Ashley took me to her Grandparents’ farm.  I believe we were on some sort of break from college.  The look on Ashley’s face, the spark in her eyes and the pride she had for that house and piece of land was unmatched by anything I had seen before.  She has always voiced that the Farm is her favorite place in the world.  So I knew from the start I wanted to somehow surprise her at her Grandparents’ Farm! I knew she was going to Cumberland, MD to Delfest with her sister one weekend and going to visit her boyfriends parents another portion of the weekend in Arlington, so I thought that would be a better time than ever.  The plan was for Ashley to drop her sister off in Berryville after the festival  while Ashley hung out in Arlington.  At the end of the holiday weekend- Ashley was going to pick her sister up in Berryville and the Sister was going to tell her to grab her from their Grandparents’ house.  Well the plan did not go as executed, BUT with her Mom/Sisters’ & Boyfriend’s help they got her to the farm in the nick of time.  I had just finished setting up my little picnic for her and had not even had the chance to close my car doors.  I had borrowed my Dad’s Truck to bring all the gear and drove it on the side yard.  I heard they pull up and I hid behind a tree. her Boyfriend told her to walk around the house and she saw my little set up.  I popped out of the bushes and yelled surprise!
She opened up her Bridesmaids Box and we ate the food I had brought. {Sandwiches, fruit, veggies, cheeses and meats} As well as sipped on champagne.  I am so excited and happy Ashley is my Maid of Honor. 🙂 Check out the pics below of how I asked and pics of our friendship over the past 7 years. I LOVE YOU ASHLEY! YOU ARE DE BEST!
{Cinco de Mayo!}
{Isn’t she a cutie?}
{Radford’s Quad Fest}
{Pregaming before TOTS Senior Year at Ryan, Tyler and Kelly’s}
{Ryan, Ashley and I at Sharkey’s}
{In front of the TOTS VT Flag}
{Kamikaze Party}
{My 21st Bday!}
{Cabo Fish Taco Senior Year}
{Our children}
{TOTS after we graduated 🙁 }
{The VT gang at Frederick’s In The Streets 2012}
{Baltimore for Allie’s Bday!}
{My Bday 2012!}
{Party Sophomore Year}
{Jumbo Lime Margs at the Mecca- El Rods!}
{College Graduation! 2010}
{Jungle party Freshmen Year}
{Freshmen year Bday dinner}
{Hanging out in the dorms Freshmen year}
{Before the Camo Party that didn’t happen Freshmen year}
{The night that will not be talked about.. ever again}
{Right when Ashley and I moved into Foxridge.. I was so excited!}
{Wednesday nigh Tradition at the PIKE house}
{Hanging out on the deck at TOTS}
{Pre-gaming Senior Year}
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