The Wedding Chronicles: Cake Tasting!

On Wednesday night Wade and I headed to the Clustered Spires Pastry Shop for our wedding cake tasting and consultation.  I had been asking around for recommendations for local wedding cake vendors and The Clustered Spires Pastry Shop’s name kept coming up.
Clustered Spires is actually where Wade and I had our caterer tasting back in December; you can check out that entry {here}.  Our caterer, The Savory Spoon and The Clustered Spires share a kitchen and The Savory Spoon uses the seating space in the pastry shop after hours for its tastings.
Back to the cake tasting.. Wade and I arrived and Karen, the owner of the shop and amazing baker, was waiting for us with a smile.  We filled out some information about the big day and chatted for a bit.  She then gave us a few binders full of pictures with previous cakes done by her to see if there was anything that caught our eye.
After we were done checking out her portfolio, she brought over some delicious cakes and a list of all the different cake flavors, icings and fillings.  For the tasting she made two of her best selling cakes. The first cake was a Yellow cake with American Buttercream (sweeter) and a Raspberry Marmalade filling.  It was out of this world! The second cake was a chocolate cake with a chocolate Astoria filling (like a chocolate mousse almost) and topped with white Astoria Buttercream. That was also amazing! We really loved the yellow cake with the raspberry- it was extremely refreshing.  The only thing we were not sure of was is we wanted the American Buttercream or the lighter less sweeter Astoria Buttercream that was on the chocolate cake. Decisions Decisions….
Wade and I took a look at the other combinations. We wanted to try the strawberry marmalade filling and the creamcheese icing (we love creamcheese icing!) We tried it together and it tasted like strawberry cheesecake.  Our eyes got huge with excitement when we tried it.  The problem with creamcheese frosting on the outside of the cake (you can always do an inside filling with it) is that it tends to run/melt if in warm weather and considering we are having our reception in a barn without air conditioning in the very end of May thats a little risky.
Wade and were like a kid in a candy store when looking at all the different combinations we could have.  Karen told us to pick our our top 4 or 5 combos and she would make us cupcakes and we could just swing by one day and pick them up. DONE!
Next we got to place with cake sizes.  Karen had styrofoam cake tiers for us to play with.  She showed us the size of cake we would need to feed 150 people.  Then a smaller 3 tiered cake to feed 50 {we would then do sheet cakes or cupcakes for the remaining 100 people} and then a 2 tiered cake to feed only 15 people {the rest cupcakes or sheet cake}.
From an aesthetic perspective the 150 person cake was way too big for me. Not necessarily in height but width.  The two tiered cake looked way too small.  The three tiered cake was in the lead! Now it just depended on price.
Karen priced out our 1 big cake for 150 people, the 2 tiered cake that feeds 15 and the three tiered cake that  feeds 45 (she was throwing an extra top tier in for us for free which would be for our first anniversary).  Karen then priced the 2 smaller cakes with a sheet cake option and a cupcake option to feed the rest of the guests.  We were surprised when the cupcakes turned out to be cheaper than having sheet cake.  As an added plus we going mix and match the cupcakes and have different flavors! We think we found a winner!
We chatted about formalities and ended our consultation but not before Karen boxing up the two cakes we tasted for us to take home.  Cake for dinner it is! 
Before we left Lindsey from The Savory Spoon was starting to set up for a dinner tasting and we chatted for a bit.  She gave us some recommendations about our time line and how to do various things.  She remembered they owed us a butternut squash lasagna and she told us she would be in touch for us to pick it up. {when I say in touch I mean the next day- we have been having butternut squash all week and I have been lovin’ it}  When we had our tasting we had not chosen a vegetarian option.  Cheri said she would make us her best seller. butternut squash! Let me tell you we can definitely see why it is the top choice.
Anyways… another thing off the list! I am in the process now of signing the contract and sending over our cake deposit.  We had such an amazing time at our cake tasting!
Now I just need to find a dress!

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