The Wedding Chronicles: Asking Bridesmaids- Jessica

 Jessica is one of my oldest and best friends.  We met back in 4th or 5th grade and she was the popular girl.  Me.. not so much but I always was dying to hang out with her. She was so funny and pretty. 🙂 Eventually Jessica saw through my turtlenecks, stirrup spandex and greasy hair and decided to accept me as her friend.  Her coolness factor probably dropped a few levels but once we started hanging out we were inseparable.  We went through it all growing up: School dances, crushes, three way phone convos with Sara for hours on end, ice skating rink hangouts on Friday nights, hanging out at the mall ALL day on the weekends abd we can’t forget the epic sleepovers. 
 As we became teenagers, the sleepovers and shenanigans continued only boys were thrown into the mix and we tended to get in a lot of trouble together ;).  Even though she moved away before high school started, she was still close enough for us to continue seeing each other continuously. Like I said we have been through it all! If you are lucky enough to have a childhood friend (in my case friend(s)) still close to you after 16+ years.. you are pretty darn lucky!  Having people that really truly know you and have been with you through your life’s journey is something extremely special. 
 At the end of May, Jessica, her fiance Willy, Wade and I headed to the Caribbean wine festival at Linganore Winery. It was a beautiful day perfect to sip on wine, eat snacks and listen on island music.  We had the usual wine fest foods; cheese, crackers, chips, fruit and veggies + dip to go along with our wine.  We had a blast looking at all the vendors, tasting the wines and eating the food truck food!  After we relaxed and listened to music for a bit, the indoor tasting, bacioni room opened up.  Willy, Jessica and I went to taste while our DD, Wade stayed behind.  I had previously snuck the bridesmaid box in our bags and Wade was to have the box waiting for Jessica on the blanket when we returned from our tasting.
When we got back from our tasting, the box was waiting for Jessica, only.. she didn’t see it! We all laughed at her for a few minutes until she saw it and was completely surprised.. well not surprised to be a bridesmaid but surprised to get a little box of goodies!
The rest of the day was filled with fun and relaxation! Love you Jessica! Check out our friendship photos below!
{Right after I popped the question!}
{Crashing Middletown’s Homecoming 2005}
[Sophomore year homecoming}
{My 16th birthday!}
{Xmas party 2012}
{New Years Eve 2010}
{Oktoberfest 2012}
[Chilli Cookoff!}
{Halloween 2012}
{Floating down the river 2012}
{Maggies Bday in Bethesda 2012}
{NYE 2010}
{Girls Beach trip 2011}
{Winefest 2010}
{couples beach trip 2011}
{Our usual silly faces- Oktoberfest 2012}
{Freshman year Homecoming}
{No caption needed}
{St. Patty’s Day 2013}
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