The Wedding Chronicles: Asking Bridesmaids- Sara!!!

Sara is someone who has always been there for me.  We have been through it all together in the 16+ years we have been friends; from sports, {swimming, field hockey, track and our most epic fail.. cheerleading tryouts} family issues and broken hearts.  She is such a beautiful person inside and out and I completely look up to her for opinions and advice.  A few weeks ago Sara and I went to the Velvet Lounge Garden Party at Ayse Meze. My friend Abe works there and was awesome! Before Sara arrived I asked Abe if he would hide her bridesmaid box and bring it out when we sat down to munch on our food and relax.  I made sure Sara sat with her back facing the door and she had no clue what was going on when Abe placed the box in front of her.  It began to pour so we went inside and ordered some drinks and appetizers and chatted for hours. We had a great time and I am so excited for her to be a bridesmaid!! Check out the asking pics and our friendship pics below. 
{She still doesn’t know what is going on}

{After drinks and appetizers}
{My Babyballer birthday party-2010}
{Out on the town}
{Briana’s bday party 2012}
{Sara’s bday dinner at Cacique 2012}
{Christmas party 2012}
{Freshmen year homecoming}
{Very very old picture! it won’t rotate around sorry!}

{8th grade formal}
{playing around with the bonnets}
{Junior Exec homecoming parasde}
{Sophomore year homecoming}

{8th grade homecoming}


{High School Graduation}
{Senior year homecoming game}
{High School Graduation}
{After school SGA stuff}
{posing in our little black dresses}
I love you Sara! I am so excited for the next year!
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