The Wedding Chronicles: Asking Bridesmaids: Maria!!!

If you are lucky enough you have a friend like Maria in your life.  Someone who is just full of life, love and wisdom; Maria is such a wonderful person.  Maria has always been someone I look up to and truly value her opinion and advice. Maria is actually the person Wade and I have to thank for hooking us up. Maria was friends with Wade before I came along in Spring/Summer 2007.  We were all at a party and when I left I received a text message from Wade saying Maria gave him my number.  The rest is history.  Maria has been a very special person in both Wade and my lives and our wedding day would in no way be complete without her! Wade and I fought over whose side she would be on, since he was friends with her first he called first dibs.  In the end I won.. and I did not want her to wear a tux. {she vowed she would wear a tux if she was a groomslady.}

So to ask Maria to be my Bridesmaid, I made a little dinner date for us at Firestone’s Restaurant in downtown Frederick. I contacted Maria’s friend Colleen before hand, who worked there and told her my master plan.  The plan was to get to the restaurant before Maria and give Colleen her bridesmaid box.  I wanted the box, 2 glasses of champagne and a dessert with a candle in it to come out at the end of our meal.

That was in a perfect world.  What ended up happening was, Maria turned out to be early and was actually driving down south street behind me in the car.  When she pulled in a different way to park I headed down Market Street and double parked in front of Firestone’s and ran in like a mad woman to speak to the hostess and shoved the box in her face, and just kept repeating talk to Colleen! She thought I was crazy.  I then parked and ran in my heels to Firestones.  Before crossing the street I see Maria less than a block away waving at me.  I still needed to get the details communicated to Colleen and pretended I didn’t see her.  I ran in and spoke like an auctioneer to Colleen telling her what I wanted done.  I did not have one second to spare before Maria walked in the door.

I made sure we had a seat upstairs near the window.

We ordered a bottle of red wine and crab dip {oh man the crab dip is out of this world} and chatted for a bit.  It was so hard for me to concentrate on her conversation because I kept looking around and I was  still stressed from the commotion that had just taken place.  
I calmed down a bit and our main dishes came.  I got the flank steak salad with goat cheese, blue berries and a light vinaigrette.  As many of you know, red meat besides a burger is out of my comfort zone.  But this sucker was divine! I was so sad when I finished it.
It was time for the surprises! The waiter caused suspicion when he placed the dessert forks in front of us.  Maria looked at me with a perplexed look.  I sat so Maria could not see who was coming behind her and the waiter brought out the tray with the box, 2 glasses of champagne and a slice of cheesecake with a candle in it and sat it in front of her.  Maria’s reaction was the best.  She was so excited she flung her hands after seeing what the box was for and knocked over her glass of champagne over and it poured all over the poor souls standing/sitting underneath us on the first floor.  Maria did care.. she was so happy.  We got her champagne refilled and chatted for a bit before hanging out downstairs with our fellow bar-goers.  I love you Maria!
Check out pics from the night and pics of our friendship over the years.

{Mustaches at Kari’s Bday party}
 {no lie this beauty hung in my cubicle for the past 3 years.}
 {Halloween 2011}
 {Before Chilli Cookoff!}
 {Winefest 2012}
 {OCMD 2011}
 {Seacrets OCMD 2011}
 {Maria’s first pumpkin picking}
 {Lisa’s bday party 2012}
 {In the streets 2012}

 {Elm Street house 2008}
 {NYE 2009 party at Lisa’s}
 {NYE 2011 Party at our house}
 {St Patty’s day 2011}
 {Brittany’s Bday in DC 2011}
 {Walking baby dyl through the corn maze}
 {Downtown Frederick 2012}
 {OCMD 2012- Lisa’s Condo}
 {Brewer’s Alley 2012}
{Lisa’s Bday Party 2012}
 {Our Xmas party 2012}
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