The Wedding Chronicles: Asking Bridesmaids: Amy!

Amy and I first became friends Senior year of high school. We had  AP Biology together.  I had some friends bail on me to visit college park one weekend and really wanted to go! I thought Amy seems cool and I was desperate. (like I said) So frustrated and being the only child, i turned to Amy before class started and asked her to come with me to College Park. She agreed. Little did I know that cute, hilarious red head would become one of my best friends.  From there a goofy, adventurous and beautiful friendship grew.  We spent the rest of Senior year becoming obsessed with each other and  spending almost all of our free time together.  Soon, college came. We were both excited to start college and remained extremely close via random pointless phonecalls, AIM and of course facebook!
College breaks we would re-unite back in Frederick and we even we able to visit each other a few times at each school! Since colleg,e we have remained close and each others partners in crime. (even know going out is slim to none these days!) She is such a good listener and always makes me laugh.  It is always a good time when Amy is around! I picked some of my favorite pictures of us over the past 8 year. Check them out below.
On a nice Sunday I called Amy up randomly and asked her to go to a wine, cheese and chocolate pairing at one of our favorite places; Linganore Winery.  I knew I wanted to ask her at the Winery because we had been talking for a while about going tasting on a nice day.  I waited and waited for a nice day and when one finally came, I took the bull by the horns. I called Linganore Winery and spoke to one of the workers.  I asked her to bring out the bridesmaid box (that I would sneak before hand into the tasting room) after the tasting when we were hanging out on the patio.  I also pre-purchased a bottle of sangria for after the tasting/to celebrate! We wine tasted and nibbles on different chocolates and cheeses {mini post to come!} and had a wonderful time. Afterwards we went to the patio to hang out, it was such a nice day outside and nice to be at the winery for once without a zillion people around. {Wine festivals are always so crowded}
Like clockwork the employee brought out the box and the wine and put it in front of Amy. She was soooooo happy and excited! I loved her reaction!  The rest of the time we chatted about memories and ideas about the wedding.  I love you Amy and I am so happy I randomly asked you to go to College Park with me in AP biology!

{My fav pic of us- Wine Fest 2010}
{Mardi Gras Trip and a visit to Pat O’s was necessary!}
{Party senior year of highschool when we were told to have as much beer as we wanted.. and we took advantage!}
{My 17th Bday Party! 2005}
{Visiting me at Virgina Tech Junior Year! 2008}
{Green Turtle 2010}
{Ocean City 2010!}
{Senior Year Homecoming 2005}
{Senior Year Homecoming 2005}
{Hanging out in the sink Senior Year 2005}
{Our favorite class- AP Bio 2005}
{High School Graduation 2006}
{Visiting VT for Halloween freshmen year 2006}
{Halloween 2006}
{College Park 2006}
{College Park 2006}
{Halloween 2011}
{Many moons ago!}
{Using my VT ID!}
{seeing Amy graduate 2010!}
{griffs 2010}
{Downtown Frederick Love}

{OCMD 2010}
{Griffs 2010}
{Redskins game 2010}
{Halloween 2010}
{Celebrating Amy’s bday downtown 2012}
{Wine Fest 2012}
{Wine Fest 2012}
{Wine Fest 2012}
{Senior Prom 2006}

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