The Wedding Chronicles: Asking Bridesmaids: Lisa!

Do you ever have a friend that is just so talented, sweet, beautiful and funny at the same time? My friend Lisa is all of those things. Lisa is one of my friends that I seem to do so many fun events with, from concerts, Oktoberfest, the beach and good old fashioned nights in; I absolutely love spending time with her.
 I popped the bridesmaid question to her and she said YES! I am so lucky to have her in my life!
A few Wednesdays ago I went to Brewer’s Alley’s Beer, Bourbon and Food pairing with my amazing friend Lisa. {post about the pairing later} Little did she know I had a little surprise for 
her.  When we were at a food station in another room I had the event coordinator leave her box on our table. {I had gotten there extra early and told the coordinator my master plan and handed her the goodie box} As she walked up to the table she kind of stopped in her tracks and said “what is this!?”  She opened her box and teared up. Lisa was so surprised! I loved her reaction! We spent the rest of the night chatting about ideas for the wedding and enjoying our food and booze pairing. Thank you so much to Jackie of Brewer’s Alley for helping to make this so special!
 {Opening up her box}
{She said yes!}
Here are some pictures of us since the inception of our friendship back in 2007.
 {Lisa and I at my 21st Bday dinner at Virginia Tech}
 {Xmas break 2007}
 {Spring Break 2008}
 {Downtown Frederick’s Girls Night out 2012}
 {Hailie’s Bday DC dinner 2012}
 {Cookout at Matts’ 2012}
 {Wine Fest 2011}
 {Casey’s Grad party 2010}
 {Roaming the streets of DTF in 2009}
 {Girlfriend X-mas Gift Exchange at Casey’s 2012}
 {OCMD 2012}
 {I mustache you a question- OCMD 2012}
 {Brittany’s going away party 2012}
 {OCMD 2012}
 {Cigars on the porch- OCMD 2012}
 {Oktober Fest- 2012}
 {PA Pumpkin Fest 2012}
  {PA Pumpkin Fest 2012}
{Casey’s house 2012}
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